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    Tutorial: How to customize an old bonnetière

    The restoration of furniture allows substantial savings while exercising creativity. The use of stickers opens surprising possibilities of customization. Material needed cloth sponge sander spalter sprayer wedge sander screwdriver sanding paper (medium, fine and fine grain) soda lye wood treatment product undercoat for wood satin paint aerosol de-oiling lubricant masking tape masking gloves protective mask Difficulty: 1/4 Cost: 60 € (excluding furniture price) Time: half a day Retrieving an old piece of furniture can be a good opportunity to give it a second life and a touch of fantasy.


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    Pool: instructions for use. The installation, the maintenance or even the wintering of a basin, as small as it is, can not be improvised. It is therefore imperative to learn before launching, otherwise you risk damaging your pool or worse to put you in danger in contaminated water. That is why HandymanDudimanche invites you to discover some practical sheets in order to learn how to take care of your swimming pool.