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  • 2. Rockfill walls: ideal for sloping terrain
  • 3. Woven wicker panels: decorative and discreet
  • 4. Concrete walls: strong and durable
  • 5. Low walls or wooden palisades for a warm spirit
  • Planting a hedge is useful in order to bring some privacy to the garden. However, it is not necessarily composed of persistent trees planted tight, with a general appearance too severe. The flowering hedges allow to delimit the space in a natural way while giving it a more rustic style.

    Flowering hedges for a country and natural style

    Flowering hedges for a country and natural style

    The flowering hedge as a garden fence

    The interest of the flowering hedge is above all to shelter the garden of looks while protecting it from the wind. Additional advantage not insignificant, this hedge brings to the place a pleasant country and natural style.

    The flowering hedge consists of various deciduous and persistent shrubs. It thus ensures the aesthetic and biological diversity of the plant fence.

    • Deciduous tree: who loses its foliage in winter and renews it every year.
    • Evergreen shrub: which keeps its leaves all the year and renews them in the spring

    The shrubs are here planted every 1m50, staggered, to give the illusion of a more complete set. A flowering hedge consists of plants that must not exceed 3 meters in adulthood.

    The choice of these trees is delicate since they will have to be compatible with the terrain and climate from their destination garden. The judicious advice of a nurseryman or a gardener will be welcome.

    Flowering hedges sold as a kit

    It is now possible to buy a flower garden hedge in "kit". The system consists of a composition of four to ten deciduous and persistent shrubs.

    These assemblages were previously made by professional nurserymen. They have the advantage of facilitating the choice of plants that will ornament the hedge of the garden.

    packaged in bucket or pot, the flowered hedge adapts to all desires and tastes in terms of color, size, leaf or even perfume.

    It is supplied with a plantation scheme which will greatly facilitate the work of the amateur gardener, when installing in his garden.

    It is even possible to opt for a flower hedge balcony, especially for nature lovers can not do otherwise than live in an apartment.

    There are flowering hedges in kit to very variable prices: from around thirty euros to over a hundred euros.

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