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  • The energy audit is a step that has become unavoidable before undertaking renovation work at home. In a context where energy is at the heart of all financial and environmental concerns, auditing is a relevant subsidized tool to remain affordable.

    The energy audit performed by a professional

    The energy audit performed by a professional

    How important is the energy audit?

    The energy audit, also known as the "heat budget", is not a mandatory formality. Each owner therefore decides alone the usefulness of having this report made at home.

    So why engage in such an approach?

    • The audit makes it possible to establish an assessment of the overall energy performances of the house and brings solutions to implement in order to improve its points of weakness.
    • Its ultimate goal is to reduce home consumption as well as energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.
    • In fact, this approach will enhance the value of the property on the occasion of its sale.

    How much does the energy audit cost?

    The overall energy audit of a house costs on average 500 €.

    Warning: A low-cost audit below this price can not be properly performed when an energy bill overcharged is a sign of abuse.

    The cost of the energy audit can be greatly reduced thanks to the various existing subsidies (who remain subject to condition). This aid is intended to promote sustainable development actions in the building sector:

    • Funding by municipalities and regions, with up to € 300 of the cost of the audit.
    • Energy transition tax credit, 30% of expenses incurred are then deducted from income tax.

    Which professionals are authorized to carry out an energy audit?

    The thermal diagnosis must be carried out by a certified expert. He will carry out the thermal study according to the standards in force.
    Energy providers and real estate agencies will be able to steer the individual towards a serious thermal study office.

    The latter must then offer a global service to his client:

    • the audit itself estimates the cost of energy renovation works
    • advice in choosing the building company in charge of the works
    • support in the process of obtaining financing aids (tax credit, zero interest loans, etc.)
    • a follow-up of the works

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