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  • 2. Kit kitchens
  • 3. Turnkey kitchens
  • 4. Kitchens with appliances included
  • 5. Kitchenettes and mini-kitchens
  • At the crossroads between different types of kitchens, the ready-to-cook kitchen has many advantages that can appeal to you. Already pre-assembled, qualitative, economic... to discover the kitchen ready to ask.

    Presentation of the ready-to-cook kitchen

    The ready-to-hang kitchen is similar to a kit kitchen, but differs from it in a main way. This consists of a set of pre-assembled and pre-assembled furniture, which the purchaser is obliged to purchase in its entirety, unlike the kit models that offer the possibility to choose each item separately.

    The "ready-to-fit" kitchen, which has an "I" shape, usually has the following elements: a worktop, a refrigerator column, three low cabinets (the first for a built-in oven, the second for two doors for storage, and the third with a door and a drawer), and three high cabinets (one for the hood, and the other two for storage, including one door and the other two doors).

    Depending on the case, the kitchen ready to install can finally include household appliances included (sink, mixer, oven, hood...), so that it is then compared to an integrated kitchen. It differs however since it is manufactured standardized.

    Interests and limitations of ready-to-cook cooking

    The ready-to-go kitchen seems to be the good compromise between the different types of cuisine that exist on the market.

    First of all, as for kit kitchens, the individual can do the installation of his own kitchen, which allows him to saving of about 20 to 30% compared to a model requiring the intervention of a professional. Also, the furniture of this kind of kitchen being already pre-mounted, their installation is greatly simplified and the risk of errors reduced to a minimum.

    In addition, the ready-made kitchen has a good level of quality, sometimes comparable to that of custom-made models.

    However, there is one specific case where the ready-made kitchen may not be suitable. Manufactured in series, it responds to standard dimensions that are not necessarily adapted to those of the room, so that gaps, more or less important, can be visible between the walls and furniture. According to the expectations of the individual, this criterion of standardization can be crippling and he will then have the choice to move towards a tailor-made kitchen.

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