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  • 2. Renovate the cladding of a chimney
  • 3. Install an insert in a chimney
  • 4. Change the window of a chimney
  • 5. Demolish or remove an old chimney
  • If you are buying a house with a chimney or if you want to put back the chimney of your living room, it is important to take some precautions before lighting a fire to avoid any risk of fire and to ensure the good functioning of the installation. Thoroughly check the condition of the duct, the hearth and clean the cladding.

    Rehabilitation of an old fireplace

    Rehabilitation of an old fireplace

    Verification of the conduit

    Above all, it is important to check the condition of the conduit. First, make sure that it is watertight and that the flue gas is properly vented to eliminate any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also check if the draft is correct and the duct is resistant to high temperatures. Do not forget to have the duct cleaned because a millimeter of soot makes you lose 10% of energy. If you use your chimney a lot, it is necessary to sweep twice a year. Count between 50 and 80 euros for a sweeping. It is also possible to carry out a casing to protect the pipe from the risks of corrosion and deposits of soot (bistrage). The operation consists of introducing an independent tube into the duct. This operation is mandatory in the case of installing an insert.

    The interior of the fireplace

    After cleaning and putting back into operation your chimney flue, it is time to proceed to cleaning and repair (if necessary) of inside your fireplace. Collect the leftover ash, dust off the hearth correctly and clean with a sponge. If your chimney plate contains rust stains, unhook it from the wall and remove rust stains with a wire brush before applying rustproof black paint. If you notice holes in the wall or moving bricks, top it off with mortar and fix the bricks properly by renewing the joints with cement.

    The mantel of the chimney

    If you notice that the cladding (or mantel) of your chimney is dirty or in poor condition, then it must be cleaned or some renovation work done. For cleaning, it is important to adapt the cleaning product to the material. If the brick or stone supports the baking soda well, the marble will support more the steel wool. Find out before you embark on the operation. It is also possible to repaint the bricks with a special paint or change the dressing if it is really too bad condition.

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