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The corridor is often neglected, both in terms of layout and decoration. Discover 10 decorative ideas for a corridor, which will make it a lively and pleasant place.

10 decorative ideas for a corridor

10 decorative ideas for a corridor

1. Light colors for a dark hallway

There are many dark corridors that lack brightness: if this is the case of your corridor, choose without hesitation for white walls or very light colors like pastel colors, to make it brighter. You can still store notes of color here and there in the frames or decorative objects.

2. Bright colors for a corridor that attracts attention

If your corridor does not lack too much brightness, do not hesitate to paint two walls out of four in flashy colors, or opt for a colorful frieze. Turquoise blue, green, orange or pink, will make your corridor more alive and attract attention.

3. Storage on the walls of your hallway

The corridor is an often underestimated space which can nevertheless allow you to install plenty of storage space of all kinds. If you do not have room to put shelves on the floor, do not hesitate to use the walls by installing high shelves, especially above the doors.

4. Optimum lighting for a bright corridor

There must be enough lighting in your hallway and there are plenty of ideas: bright spotlights, alien lamps, but also wall sconces, elegant street lamps or even candles stored on the shelves for a refined effect.

5. Mirrors in a long corridor

Long narrow corridors can awaken your claustrophobia if you leave it as it is. So get yourself mirrors of all shapes and sizes and hang them on the walls of your corridor, on both sides, to give a feeling of enlargement.

6. Hang family photos

Corridors are often poorly decorated, yet they are places of passage. So do it a lively and intimate place, hanging for example family photos and memories with friends. You can vary styles by hanging framed portraits, photos pinned on a cork board, or glued on a slate.

7. Store stylish decorative objects

Once your shelves hang on the wall, do not forget to store it stylish decorative objects which will reveal the aestheticism of this space: so misuse statuettes, vases, and other colorful trendy objects.

8. A carpet for a comfortable corridor

If you want to add a comfort note to your corridor, do not hesitate to install a carpet on the floor. There are all styles, materials and patterns, so choose uni if ​​your walls have patterns, or colorful if your walls are united!

9. A mini-library in your hallway

And why not a library in your hallway? The idea will be all the more interesting if you do not have the space to create a real space dedicated to your books in another room of your home. Store your books according to your desire and ask some decorative objects on some shelves to lighten the style.

10. Do not forget the green plants!

Finally, do not forget to bring life to your hallway, especially by installing one or more green plants. If you do not have room to put pots on the floor, just hang a pot with a climbing plant of indoor such as the apartment vine, which will elegantly invade the walls of your corridor.

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