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The separate toilet is a real asset. Sometimes we forget the decor and we put the imagination at the corner. Here are 10 ideas to reward this small room, and make it a space full of spirit.

10 deco ideas for toilets

10 deco ideas for toilets


The space occupied by the toilets is often reduced. The harmony between the walls and the floors like a shades of gray is therefore welcome. Indispensable to the Zen spirit, a relaxing small water fountain framed with plants like bamboo or ficus.


The muted tones are wonderful on the walls and on the floor. Gray, black or purple highlight the essential appliques or chandelier with crystal pendants. While the rococo mirror and its golden frame bring the finishing touch.


Africa or Asia? Enjoy your travels in distant lands to create an ethnic atmosphere. Do not hesitate to give one of the walls an African wax or an Asian silk. Your travel photos and precious wooden boxes completing this setting with accents elsewhere.


Tiled floors like black and white. Wallpapers, lights and accessories too. It's up to you to punctuate the space of a rhythm that flows from its source, in a bias design or vintage.


Sauna atmosphere with light wood paneling and accessories of the same material. To give even more warmth to this space think of some touches of red or orange. Some toilet paper comes in these tones


Tonic colors, accessories that play neon colors, a piece of slate wall for some graffiti, lighting 70s and voila!


If you have a toilet and a designer washbasin, play this card thoroughly. Steel accessories, black walls and credence in sunflower yellow matte glass, bring an indispensable sobriety.


The white on white always has success from floor to ceiling. To decline, frames of mirrors to that of the photos. And to avoid the clinical aspect, dare a green plant for breathing.

Optical illusion.

Long live the trompe l'oeil wallpaper whose return it is. In an English library version, it matches some old Chinese books and a magazine with "real magazines".


A jug in flowery porcelain matched with its basin, a pretty bouquet placed on a small piece of waxed furniture, it does not take more to create a romantic decor and to make in the lace.

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