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10 ideas and tips for optimizing a small apartment

Smart furniture and hidden storage, your apartment can be bigger than you thought!

Want to save space in your apartment?

Here are 10 ideas tested and validated to optimize small areas. It's up to you to choose one or to apply everything!

1. Storage bed on storage platform

The mezzanine bed with ladder is convenient but dangerous. The retractable bed meanwhile saves space during the day, but every night, it will free the place occupied by the unfolded bed. The platform, it is much more practical: it allows to create a huge between the floor and the box spring on which a "bed safe" is installed. Under the bed, you will have a deep storage of 60cm on 2.5m ². The front of the platform can even be equipped with one or more drawers.

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2. The false ceiling

In older apartments that have ceilings of over 2m55, think of the false ceiling. To double the ceiling, you will create a false ceiling designed on a load-bearing frame and that will allow you to pass cables or pipes and create during this renovation a very practical storage space, for example with retractable cupboards. In addition, if the volume of your apartment is reduced by the false ceiling, this is a way to save money on heating.

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3. Storage partition walls

Storage partitions, high or low, full or semi open, fixed or removable, are a very practical alternative to "closet + partition" to furnish custom while combining separation and storage. In plasterboard, cellular concrete, wood or any other carrier material, this partition / storage will be custom built to separate optimizing space. For example, it will accommodate a library in thickness but also a cabinet.

4. The sliding door, a saving of space

For the choice of joinery, opt for sliding doors against the wall or in the thickness of the partition: they save space because even open, they represent a small footprint. Interior joinery, cupboards, sliding doors on rails or suspended, apparent or integrated system... It's up to you to choose the ideal product!

10 Ideas and tips for optimizing a small apartment: tips

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5. The removable partition

A good way to change volumes: the removable partition. Whether it is to unroll (store), to deploy (accordion), to roll or suspended, the removable partition makes it easy to separate and modify the volume of a space, the evening or the day (room, kitchen, shower... ). If this separation is only visual, it has the advantage of allowing some privacy during the day by leaving the possibility of opting for an open space if necessary.

10 Ideas and tips for optimizing a small apartment: ideas

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6. Practical retractable furniture

A collapsible furniture, as the name suggests, stores or goes out during use. Besides, perhaps you know the bed that comes down from the ceiling or the one that folds vertically in a closet? Know that there is a great variety of retractable furniture that allow, once retracted, to have a small footprint: folding coffee table, drawer bed, wall sofa, folding desk... This is a serious saving of space.

7. Modular furniture

Complementary furniture retractable, modular furniture or multifunction can modulate the use of a piece of furniture by unfolding, adding an extension or embedding.; a modularity that makes it a multi-purpose object. Many designers are working on this technical challenge such as the Silverline kitchen module, a folding kitchen design. We also think of the pouf / chair, the chair / bench in cardboard or the table / bed.

10 Ideas and tips for optimizing a small apartment: optimizing

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8. Smart storage everywhere

To increase the storage in an apartment is to gain space, especially when we know that 80% of the objects we own serve us only 20% of the time. So we think about storage on the floor (platform, chests), wall storage (closet, partition, bookcase, wardrobe), storage in the air (shelves and cupboards). Also remember that all unnecessary nooks can become storage space if you manage to optimize them. Not only you can provide closets but you can also provide you with performance amenities (clothes rack, drawers, turntable...).

9. Think of a mezzanine

If the ceiling height is at least 3,50m, a mezzanine will surely be very useful because it will save you space to install a single / double bed or a storage area (if the height is a bit restraint). The mezzanine in the very high apartments becomes a separate room, an office space for example. Materials: wood, steel, aluminum.

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10. The staircase that serves as storage

Stairs in a small house or a duplex take up space but fortunately we can optimize the steps to turn them into storage. Carpenters and interior designers offer original solutions using the steps as a container and, if possible, space under the stairs to add more storage space.

Conclusion: a cheaper apartment and so small, yes but practical. Many architects have worked on living-better in 20 m² optimized. So it's up to you to take inspiration from their work to make your nest a pleasant cocoon.

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