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Zero budget but 100% of ideas, that's all the art of recycling! Very trendy concept, we say stop waste, recycle, have fun, create, manufacture... In a spirit "do it yourself", here is a Top 10 ideas for your garden...

10 ideas for your garden

10 ideas for your garden

1- Wooden crates

The crates, we find them everywhere at the end of markets, in department stores, just bend down to pick them up, and it's free. Suspended or placed on shelves, wooden crates are ideal for making flower boxes, planters and it is easy to repaint in a wide range of colors.

2- Bucket, basin, bowl, watering can...

It's easy to find these containers in garage sales for almost nothing or you can recycle the old buckets that take the dust out of Grandma's attic. A stroke of paint and that makes flower pots or original tool holders.

3- And the famous pallets!

All you need to do is ask department stores or department stores to pick up shelves, sometimes in very good condition. They can be used to garnish the ground with a terrace or if you are handyman they can be transformed into a bench, a garden table, a chair, a bar / barbecue...

4- Parquet boards

Recycle old planks or tiling, this can be used to make slabs in garden paths, curbs, delimit a path...

5- A dresser with drawers

The old dressers, even damaged ones, are repaired and repainted, perfect for storing garden accessories, cooking utensils or children's toys.

6- An old bathtub

Do not discard old bathtubs because they are containers that can receive a large amount of soil and allow plant a multitude of flowers and even small shrubs.

7- A stool, a ladder

A small ladder or stable stool allows you to put small pots of flowers or decorative objects, both in the garden and in a living room.

8- An old bike

One often sees in front of the flea shops, the old bicycles with a wicker basket in front! Just remove the rust with a special product, repaint it and it is an ideal medium to bloom and bring the color in the garden.

9- The wheelbarrow

Whether wooden or iron, the wheelbarrow can be transformed into flower boxes or planters. In addition, thanks to its wheels, it can be moved easily if necessary.

10 - A fish bowl

This accessory can be filled with soil to plant flowers, but you can also put pebbles, colored sand, a candle to make a decorative lamp...