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Decorate your kitchen with originality and at low prices, it's possible! Thanks to the "recuperation spirit" you can hunt and find various objects to make design and decoration accessories. Here are 10 ideas to decorate your kitchen.

10 ideas to decorate your kitchen

10 ideas to decorate your kitchen

1- Various objects and kitchen accessories...

Pots made of metal or glass, Grandma's 50s ceramic service, enameled coffee makers, wooden shelves, old household linens... Everything is recoverable and once these objects are cleaned and disinfected, they can even be used as useful objects in the kitchen.

2- The furniture

For dress up the kitchen with originality, old furniture can be revived. In the retro register, we find typical furniture like the ancient dresser, the bedside table, the pedestal table or the service with wheels for example. A touch of paint gives a youthful look to the wood and gives old furniture to the taste of the day.

3- The tables

In terms of récup'cuisineYou can install a serving table, a small coffee table or a folding table to save space. To you to hunt...

4- Stools and chairs

And to accompany the table, chairs are essential. In this area, it is easy to find these accessories in the street, on Internet sites or on garage sales at almost price. Straw, metallic, vintage, bar stool industrial style, wood, plastic... It is sometimes enough to clean and repaint to give them a second youth.

5- The luminaries

We can recover suspensions, office lamps or floor lamps that sometimes just screw or change lampshade. But be careful, however, to comply with the electrical safety rules to avoid a short circuit!

6- The movie / concert posters

If the kitchen has a large piece of empty wall, you can add a movie poster or poster of a concert recovered at a party, in a shop, in the street... This element brings a touch of color to the space and sends a message about his artistic tastes and personality.

7- Advertising signs

In the same line as the poster, there are also the old signs metallic advertising that gives character to the kitchen. It's a perfect alternative for vintage lovers.

8- Garden furniture

These furniture intended for the outside can very well be installed inside a kitchen. We are talking about small garden lounges in metal or wrought iron, very trendy and charming, after having passed a coat of antirust and paint.

9- And the shoe boxes!

And yes, shoe boxes often end up in the trash! And yet, colorful and resistant these boxes can serve as storage for kitchen accessories, utensils, food, spice jars, cookbooks...

10- Some loose ideas...

Finally, in terms of recovery, there is the diversion of objects from their original function. Old hangers can be used to hang dishes or serve as racks, wooden shelves can become shelves, jars or bottles can become fixtures or vases, bricks or stones can become supports to pose objects...

There are websites such as "", exchange platforms to barter or buy really cheap items and a lot of garage sales to "pick up ideas"!

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