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If you have a small budget for Christmas or if you have the "do it yourself spirit", here are some tips for a Christmas decoration Eco (ecological, economical and original)...

10 ideas for your Christmas decor

10 ideas for your Christmas decor

1- Pick up tree branches...

You can gather some branches found in the forest, it is also a great opportunity to go for a walk with family or friends. You can hang the branches on the walls and decorate them with balls and light garlands. You can even make your garland adorning the branch of paper, cloth, ribbon...

2- Collect wooden crates

In markets or shops, it is very easy to find wooden crates. Once sanded, varnished or covered with paint, they can be used as decoration at the foot of Christmas tree to deposit nicely wrapped presents.

3- Recycle glass jars

We all have empty jars in our kitchen cupboards. Just place a candle and the glass jar turns into a candle. You can also decorate the glass with markers or stickers. And gourmands will be delighted to find candies and sweets!

4- Colorful pine cones

Painted, golden and silver, the pine cones have the perfect shape for decorate a Christmas tree. They will have an effect! They can replace or marry harmoniously with Christmas' balls.

5- Create your Christmas wreath

Here is a good activity to do with children! There are tutorials on the internet who show you how to make your own Christmas wreath. You will be able to decorate the windows, the front door, the veranda...

6- Homemade Christmas balls

Here is an activity that will please children: make christmas balls with papier mâché, fabric, balls of wool... Nothing more simple and once colored, they will give a look original Christmas tree.

7- Surfing donation sites

In one recovered mindyou can surf to websites like for example. People who move often get rid of their Christmas decorations.

8- Garage sale and clearance sale

At the time of Christmas, the jumble sale and garage sales are very numerous. You will find cheap decor, makeover your way to integrate them harmoniously to your interior.

9- Create your gift wrap!

No need to buy paper rolls commercially, create yourself your custom wrapping papers. Coloring, felt, pencil and fun with the kids on the program!

10- Collect woolen socks

Do not throw away your old socks even with holes! Once darned and why not dyed, they can be used to decorate fir and fireplace.

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