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Do you want to have a room that looks like you? Here are 10 ideas for making your own headboard, simple, inexpensive and original tips.

10 ideas for making your own headboard

10 ideas for making your own headboard

1- A headboard in wallpaper

It's an idea that's simple and easy to do. You cover a piece of wood with some wallpaper classic or totally heterogeneous with flashy colors to revive the bedroom decor.

2- Wake up your headboard in paint!

Like the wallpaper method, simply cover with two layers of paint A wooden board. It is advisable to choose a shade darker or lighter than the wall to make a contrast and delimit the space of the bed. You can also play on the decor using stencils or adhesive stickers to make a original frieze.

3- A textile headboard

You line a wood wall panel with a colored fabric or the same color as the quilt or the curtains. For the realization it is very simple: you staple the square of tapestry on the side, directly on the wood.

4- A scandinavian and zen deco headboard

For a room in a Scandinavian spirit and in a cozy atmosphere, you can line the wall with a wicker rug, a bamboo braid or a piece of wood style floorboards.

5- Have you thought of wooden crates?

Idea not expensive and original, you stack behind the bed wooden lockers that you have sanded and repainted with your colors. In one recovered mind, these crates and crates can serve as practical storage to hold your books, trinkets, candles, bedside lamp... You can stack lockers of the same size or different size to accentuate the fun side.

6- Stimulate your artist side!

If you're good with your hands, you can compose a real art board on a wooden panel, a nice way to customize your room unique way.

7- Bohemian version of a headboard

For a seventies style, you can stick stickers stickers playful or fluo, with the geometrical shapes and very colored on wood or even on a thick cardboard, a deco trend and not expensive to delimit a space.

8- A headboard for intellectual

Do you have many books of the same size, paperback style or other? So why not stack them behind the bed, being careful to keep the same format and marry colors harmoniously. This small library is original and it will be enough to extend the hand for a cocooning reading at the bottom of your bed.

9- What if we went back to school...

Being part of the Recycle Trend and Do It Yourself (DIY), you get in a garage sale or on the internet a large blackboard schoolboy. You hang it behind the bed and you can write and delete messages as you wish.

10- A headboard princess way

To sleep in a royal style roomyou can hang a piece of fabric or sheer curtain at the head of the bed. Simply slip the fabric over a curtain rod above the bed and let the curtain hang, canopy bed.

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