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No need to ruin to change the look of your bathroom and give it a little pep! Here are 10 easy-to-apply ideas to revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank and doing heavy work.

10 ideas to revamp your bathroom

10 ideas to revamp your bathroom

Repainting the tiles

If you are tired of your old tile on the wall, it is possible to revamp the whole without necessarily breaking everything. Just buy some special tiling paint and repaint it all! While painting is a little more expensive than classical painting but the result is worth it and it will save you from doing work.

To put an Italian shower

In the world of the bathroom, the big favorite is the Italian shower. Hyper modern and ultra-practical, it comes replace the bathtub and saves you space. It is also very easy to maintain and blends into the background.

Change the shower curtain

For small budgets, simply changing the shower curtain can make all the difference and give a boost to your bathroom. Prefer a shower curtain made of coated canvas rather than plastic because it is machine washable and does not stick to the skin during the shower. It is also possible to swap the shower curtain against a glass shower wall to give an impression of space.

The stickers

It is the economical solution to revamp your bathroom! There is adhesive tiling or patterned stickers to give character to your decor. They are easy to install and have the advantage of being able to be changed as soon as you want.

The colorful bathroom linen

The simple act of replacing old, discolored towels with brightly colored towels makes all the difference. Feel free to match your decor for an even warmer atmosphere.

Repaint sanitary

In the paint department, there is also paint specially adapted to sanitary. So you can repaint the bath, sink, toilet or shower at a lower cost to give a second life to your bathroom.

Change of decor

Sometimes changing the shelves, hanging frames or replacing the laundry basket to feel that the bathroom is like new. So before investing in important work, review the decor.

Playing with mirrors

The mirror has its place everywhere in the bathroom and not just above the sink! Play with shapes, dimensions and hang around everywhere. The mirrors give an impression of space and contribute to a warm atmosphere.

Repaint the walls

The decoration also goes through the walls. Do not hesitate to repaint or apply a decorative coating type lime or tadelakt for a more natural and warm atmosphere.

A touch of green

Plants also have their place in the bathroom to create a zen and natural atmosphere. If you do not have the green thumb, do not panic, there are also very aesthetic artificial plants.

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