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Feng Shui is essentially based on the balance of energy in our interiors, which implies the respect of certain rules of development. Discover the 10 mistakes not to commit for a Feng Shui interior.

10 mistakes not to commit for a Feng Shui interior

10 mistakes not to commit for a Feng Shui interior

Mistake # 1: Sleeping under a garret

To allow the balance of energies, start by avoiding placing your bed under a slope, attic or in the attic, as far as possible. Indeed, it creates a loss of energy that is not conducive to quality sleep.

Error # 2: Placing Electrical and Electronic Objects Near the Bed

If you put too many cables, your computer, television and smartphone near the bed, the waves they emit will have adverse effects on your health and the quality of your sleep. Thus, it is advisable to remove as much as possible these electrical and electronic objects, even ban them from the room, so that this room remains dedicated to rest.

Error # 3: Focusing too many objects in a room

The accumulation and concentration of too many objects in a room interferes with the proper flow of energy, and this promotes irritability and low morale according to Feng Shui practice. To rebalance the energies, try to get clean, airy pieces, and keep only the things you really enjoy and that are useful.

Mistake # 4: Keep Faded Plants

In the practice of Feng Shui, the interior of a home must be welcoming to plants, so it is unthinkable to keep faded plants that are a source of pollution. Quickly replace your faded plants with beautiful, robust and healthy plants.

Error # 5: Hang mirrors in front of openings

In the principles of Feng Shui, the mirror reflects the energies, which explains why it is better to avoid placing mirrors in front of the openings, namely the doors and windows: indeed, the energy that is reflected in the mirror escapes to the outside when a mirror is placed in front of an opening.

Mistake # 6: Too much furniture or sharp objects

In the principles of Feng Shui, it is preferable to favor round shapes that are more favorable to the balance of energies than angular forms. So, whenever possible, prefer a round table that rectangular, and turn in priority to all furniture and rounded objects limiting the angles to the maximum.

Error # 7: Do not separate the spaces

It is very important that each piece has a purpose and that none is a "catch-all" piece, as well as the 2 or 3 in 1 is not recommended. For example, it is preferable that the children's room remains a rest area, that the living room is a living space, and that neither of them welcome the games. Ideally, it is good to provide a room dedicated to these children's games, and all spaces must be well separated and compartmentalized, and assigned to a single use.

Error # 8: Place the bed near an opening

The energies escape through openings such as doors and windows, which explains why the bed should not be placed near these openings. Similarly, ideally, try to position the bed so that people who sleep can see the door.

Error # 9: Do not install flowers

It is strongly recommended to install flowers in your home, with the exception of the bedroom, because in practice Feng Shui, flowers remove bad vibrations. Anyway, the flowers beautifully decorate a room and bring a little nature to your home.

Mistake # 10: Opt for a single, single light source

Regarding lighting, it is better to give up a single source of light, such as a single ceiling, and turn to various sources of light with diffuse light. This gives life to your rooms and illuminates the dark corners of your interior. In the same way, absolutely avoid the sources of too strong light.

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