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Very easy to set up and inexpensive, colocation is increasingly popular throughout France. This cohabitation can be very friendly, but it can also turn into a nightmare when the etiquette is not the priority of some. Discover 10 rules to live well in colocation.

10 rules for living in a roommate

10 rules for living in a roommate

1. Pay your rent on time

This may seem logical, but the very first relationship that binds you to your roommates is a lease... this implies that everyone must pay their share of the rent in due time, it will avoid a lot of tension related to the raises owners, unpaid bills, etc.

2. Good agreement comes from politeness

A "hello" in the morning, a "good evening" before going to sleep, it does not eat bread but it can allow you to maintain the good agreement. In short, do not forget that simple politeness can play a vital role for the overall atmosphere.

3. Respect everyone's privacy

In the best of all possible worlds, you will get along with your roommates. This is not a reason to encroach on each other's space: everyone enjoys a room that is their privacy, and all members of the roommate must respect this space and not enter the room of the other without his permission.

4. Divide housework from the beginning

In a roommate, there is nothing more irritating than to realize that one of the roommates is only concerned with household chores such as washing up, cleaning, and so on. So establish a calendar so that everyone can invest equitably.

5. Respect the sleep of your roommates

You will inevitably invite friends to your home, or even spend good time with your roommates, but anyway, a rule must always remain: that of respecting the sleep of everyone. So when one of you has decided to go to bed, the other roommates must respect him and make sure not to disturb him.

6. Organize for meals

Some roommates prefer to put their shopping together while others prefer that everyone cooks for himself. No rule is better than the other, but what is certain is that the rule must be stated explicitly and respected by all. Thus, if you decide to put everything in common, organize yourself so that the races are carried out in a fair way (common pot, schedule of races in turn, etc.). And if everyone cooks for himself, make it clear that no one should use the other's hand.

7. See you some services

Exchange some services with your roommates, this is the best way to maintain a good understanding. So, if you need one of them to keep your cat on vacation, agree to drive him to his appointments if he needs them, for example.

8. Discuss what's bothering you

Cohabitation is not easy every day, even when the atmosphere is generally good: sometimes you get tired, annoyed, but you must always be able to discuss between you what is bothering you it will save you a lot of unspoken things and arguments.

9. Accept the differences

The people you live with may have different values, different opinions, but that's no reason to stigmatize or to teach. If you disagree, move away, refrain from answering and offer another topic of conversation.

10. Do not let your belongings hang around

Everyone enjoys a space of intimacy and that's good! But the places of common life should not, meanwhile, become everyone's room extension: forget socks lying around, tea bags scattered everywhere, etc. Store your belongings in your room and do not mess with your roommates in the common living rooms.

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