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It is not possible to add m² in a room, but with some good advice you can visually enlarge a space. Here are 10 tips for a room to look bigger...

10 tips for a room to look bigger

10 tips for a room to look bigger

1- Mirrors!

Nothing better than mirrors and mirrors on a wall to give volume to a space. Better, placing a mirror next to a window can reflect the light and make the room even brighter, and therefore larger.

2- Opt for clear colors

White, off-white, cream but also powder pink, pastel blue.... Painting the walls in a light or pastel color enlarges a room and gives the illusion of a larger room. The color chart is wide and you can play with the hues: tone on tone or paint a single wall with a stronger hue. Ceiling side, the choice is limited: only the white color allows to keep height to the room.

3- Play with lighting

Avoid the big suspension in the middle of the room and favor several mood lights to put in corners, such as floor lamp, LED lamp, bedside lamp... Keys of light scattered throughout the room give a warm atmosphere and create several spaces: reading area, office space, dining area...

4- Sort, discard, tidy, unclutter

In a home staging spirit, it is advisable to rid the rooms of any bulky object. A minimalist decor allows you to enlarge a room visually by freeing up space.

5- Sliding doors

Sliding doors or better, pocket doors that enter the wall, do not nibble space unlike conventional doors. Today, there are many models of sliding doors made of resistant material and contemporary look.

6- Glass for an industrial style

Glaze a door or build a " glass wall Inside a room is a good solution that allows two spaces to be separated while letting in light. The rooms are not partitioned and the space is open without any impression of suffocation. The glass allows to partition hard. In addition, the industrial style is very design to delimit two rooms while letting light.

7- Foldable and modular furniture

Folding table and chair have the advantage of easy storage in a corner. Today, designer and contemporary furniture offers a wide range of choices with nesting tables which slip under each other, sofa beds with storage box, retractable offices

8- Give perspective to the room

It is thought that by plating the couch or the desk against the wall we gain visual space. Well no! In fact, it is better to place a large green plant or a mood lamp behind a piece of furniture or a sofa which gives perspective to the room.

9- Save space in height

Installing a piece of furniture all the way up from the floor to the ceiling is an excellent solution for gaining storage space but also for enlarging a room visually: bookcase, wardrobe, cupboard... everything is possible.

10- The roof windows

If your room is under the attic or is attic, think of creating a roof window, ideal to give light to the room and to bring aeration. Nothing like

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