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10 practical tips for washing and removing laundry and woolen clothes

Renowned for being fragile, wool tends to shrink when washed. To remove paint, rust or other stains, washing by hand or a specialized program with the right detergent is more suitable. Then, let the textile dry naturally to find its original size.

The rules for maintaining wool

The wool is a fragile material which requires special care in terms of maintenance, especially during washing. First rule to remember, this textile does not wash machine and does not tumble dry. To avoid damaging it, here are other points to respect:

  • The wool is cleaned with care. The washing temperature must not exceed 30° C.
  • Avoid wrinkling, wringing and ironing the wool.
  • Opt for washing products suitable for this purpose.
  • During drying, it is better to protect the fabric from the sun.
  • Avoid leaving a woolen garment too long in a closet, but do not wear it every day.

Wash the wool with Marseille soap

Against stains on wool, nothing better than the Marseille's soap.

  1. Prepare a bath of warm water with Marseille soap;
  2. Diving the garment in this solution;
  3. Rub gently;
  4. Rinse;
  5. Put to dry on a hanger, out of the sun.

However, this trick does not work every time. The treatment to be used usually depends on the nature of the stain.

Clean paint stains on wool

A spot of oil painting on wool is easily removed. Just apply a little white spirit before washing. To get rid of a trace of acrylic paintHere are the steps to follow:

  1. Prepare a solution with water, waterammonia and soap;
  2. Dip a sponge in it;
  3. Rub the stain with the sponge;
  4. Put the garment in the machine and throw it.

Remove a stain of resin, grass and mud

To erase a resin stain on a woolen garment, you must:

  1. Cover the stain with a paper towel;
  2. To warm with an iron;
  3. Then, wash with pine resin.

Theturpentine is also effective against this kind of dirt.
For grass stains, the fabric should be soaked with a mixture of ammonia and water. If the stains are stubborn, a passage in the machine is required.
To remove mud on a wool sweater, nothing more effective than the vinegar and the lemon.

Remove traces of gasoline and mechanical oil on wool

To get rid of a petrol stain on a garment or a woolen cloth, nothing more simple. Just dip it for a few minutes in a vinegar water bath and machine it on the wool cycle. To wash the engine oil stainsyou need talc.

  1. Sprinkle the talc on the stain;
  2. Allow to soak for a few minutes;
  3. If there are traces, put the laundry in the washing machine.

The traces of grease on a wool sweater remove with butter. Just let the butter work for half a day and soap the area, then rinse.

Get rid of soot and rust on wool

To remove a rust stain on a woolen garment or cloth, you must:

  1. Spray steam on the traces with an iron;
  2. Rub with a cloth soaked in lemon juice;
  3. Clean the stain with a cotton soaked inammonia ;
  4. Rinse with clear water.

For a white wool textile, it is better to useoxalic acid instead of ammonia. In order to get rid of soot marks, the Terre de Sommières is the detergent par excellence. It is used as talc.

Remove a stain of wine on wool

Eliminating a stain of white wine, red or sparkling on a woolen dress is quite complicated. To overcome a stain of red wine, you must:

  1. Diving the garment in a warm milk bath for a few minutes;
  2. Remove it when the milk turns pink;
  3. Soap and rinse;
  4. Dry at room temperature.

To get rid of a stain of white wine,oxygenated water can do the trick.

  1. Pass a paper towel over the stained area;
  2. Once the liquid is absorbed, dab the rest with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide;
  3. Switch to the machine.

For sparkling wine stains, simply immerse the fabric in a basin with a mixture of hot water and vinegarthen put it in a bowl of cold water before putting it in the machine.

Remove a stain of coffee and tea on wool

  • To clean a trace of coffee on a woolen sweater, rub it with a cloth soaked in a mixture of water, glycerin and D'ammoniathen wash it with clear water.
  • For a tea stain, the sodium perborate is more suitable. Otherwise, a mixture of white vinegar and 90° alcohol is also effective.

To finish with organic stains on wool

  1. To get rid of a stain of blood encrusted on wool fabric, several products can do the trick: physiological saline, starch, ammonia, tartaric acid, earth Sommières and peroxide.
  2. To remove traces of urine on wool, simply wash the fabric with lukewarm water. If they persist, add vinegar. This trick is also suitable for sweat stains.
  3. For traces of semen, a mixture of water and ammonia is better.

Remove traces of cosmetics on wool

To overcome a trace of hair dye on a woolen fabric, there is nothing more effective than a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. 5% hydrosulfite, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and hairspray are also effective.
As for make-up marks, simply deposit some earth from Sommières on the stained area. After a few minutes, they should disappear on brushing. If the stains persist, it is necessary to start again by applying previously ammonia. Note that the Terre de Sommières makes it possible to remove foundation and perfume residues on wool.

For stains of unknown origin, it is best to use a mixture of ammonia and soapy water.

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