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Clean the stainless steel without scratching

In addition to being a stainless material, stainless steel offers a chic and original industrial touch to interior decoration, especially in the kitchen. However, its chrome film gets dirty easily even if it is rustproof. It must be cleaned regularly to maintain its luster and durability. Various non-abrasive solutions are available to clean stainless steel.

Rinse stainless steel with soapy water

Simple fingerprints on the chrome surface of the stainless steel are enough to tarnish it. That is why it is important to maintain it regularly with soap and water. The trick to polish a stainless steel object is not to polish it permanently. It's about using the right products and the right equipment. The first precaution to take is toput on gloves, preferably of rubber. Then you have to take a microfiber cloth previously soaked with cleaning spray. Carefully wipe the laundry along the chrome surface while ensuring that all dirt disappears. When the treated area is completely stained, use newspaper to eliminate the last traces of passage of the wet cloth. Stainless steel will regain its brilliance as soon as its chrome film cleaned.

Descale stainless steel with white vinegar

It happens that limestone deposit line the furniture or the stainless steel accessory. In the worst case scenario, scale has become so encrusted that it is difficult to get rid of it by wiping it with a damp cloth. To find a surface like new, the good technique is to use white vinegar diluted in water. The preparation is also a breeze. Create a cleaning solution by adding vinegar and water in equal amounts. Moisten the soft cloth with this preparation and lightly rub the soiled area before wiping with a dry, clean cloth. Even stubborn marks should leave after a few rubs.
Caution: white vinegar should never be used in the pure state as it may irreversibly damage the stainless steel.

Restore its shine to stainless steel with baking soda

Instead of wasting time polishing the surface of the credenza or the stainless steel worktable, it is advisable touse an effective solution based on baking soda. This product makes it possible to have an immediate satisfactory result, especially when the treated part is porous. Using a sponge pre-soaked in a mixture of baking soda and hot water, gently clean the stainless steel. Finish the cleaning with a microfiber cloth, always soaked in hot water. Neither stains nor dirt on the enamel of the kitchen equipment will resist the passage of this product.

Detach the stainless steel with detergent or alcohol

Home alcohol and detergent are true allies when it comes to cleaning. Used on stainless steel, they have the effect of completely erasing intractable stains with soapy water. A few drops are enough to obtain a convincing result. All you need to do is pour a little alcohol or detergent on a piece of damp cloth before applying it to the stained part. After some friction, the traces will come off and the stainless steel will shine again.

To polish stainless steel with a clay stone

If you really need to polish to give sparkle to stainless steel, it is better to use clay stone. Using a cloth or sponge impregnated with clay stone to clean the tarnished surface of the product, it will be easy to remove traces of dirt without much effort. It will not even be necessary to rub durably. After a good rinsing with clear water, the dirt marks should fade.

Remove stains on stainless steel with lemon or olive oil

It's not just chemicals that are effective at overcoming stains that blacken stainless steel. Natural solutions are also available to clean and shine this chromed steel. By making a mixture of lemon, from washing-up liquid and olive oil, it is possible to detach from stainless steel. Another alternative is the use of shower gel diluted in hot water instead of liquid for laundry. The right thing to do is to wet a microfiber cloth with the solution and gently apply it to the treated surface. Polish until the unsightly marks disappear completely.

Use newspaper to polish stainless steel

The use of newsprint to give shine to stainless steel is a grandmother's method, but it remains effective and always ensures a good result. The technique is simply to wipe off excess stain remover with newspaper to remove the last traces of impurities.

Shine the stainless steel with sparkling water

The use of iron wool, an old toothbrush or other abrasive equipment is not recommended for cleaning stainless steel. Indeed, not only these accessories may scratch the surface of the stainless steel, but in addition, they leave the mark marks that will allow the dirt to be lined. To polish a stainless steel object, it is sometimes necessary to adopt the most improbable solutions as thesparkling mineral water. Here, the mixture to be made consists of a bowl of sparkling water in which are dissolved two spoonfuls of clay stone. Spread this solution on the stainless steel surface, leave on for a few minutes and polish with a microfibre cloth in circular motions. The treated surface will quickly recover its initial brightness.

Eliminate greasy stains on stainless steel with a window cleaner

The grease on the stainless steel is particularly unsightly. The best way to get rid of it is to use a special product window cleaner. It usually dissolves fat, which facilitates its elimination. To rid the stainless steel of this grime, even the most recalcitrant, it is recommended to spray the product on the soiled part at first. Then scrub until there is no trace left. In the last step, dry all with a soft dry cloth.

Use Marseille soap to clean the stainless steel

Many still do not know it, but Marseille soap is a real miracle product against dirt. Traditionally used as a laundry soap, it also cleans stainless steel. To apply it, it is necessary to melt it in water brought to high temperature. Moisten a sponge with this soapy water before using it to polish the stainless steel. Immediately dry the polished surface with a lint-free cloth to restore the shine of the treated steel. Stainless steel is a stainless material that brings a touch of modernity and elegance, that it is present by discrete keys or that it composes a large part of the equipment of the house. If not properly maintained, there is a risk of scratching or scaling and blemishing the scene. Therefore, when cleaning this material, it is important to pay attention to proceed smoothly. With time and abuse, light scratches can turn into apparent rays where dirt will accumulate. Better to prevent than cure.

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