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Repainting and arranging a kitchen often requires a big investment. It is easy to give a youthful boost and energize this room for a budget mini. Here are 10 tips to relook a kitchen at a lower cost...

10 tips for revamping a kitchen at a lower cost

10 tips for revamping a kitchen at a lower cost

1- Repaint the credence

No need to change your credence for rejuvenate your kitchenjust repaint it with a colored resin. Bright finish, flashy hue, modern aluminum... the kitchen credenza takes a youthful look in record time.

2- A brand new tiling

Afraid of work? There are simple and easy solutions. The adhesive tile for example! No need for a big investment or DIY skills to install it, just stick to change his kitchen.

3- Restyle the facades of furniture

Changing furniture is often a big part of the renovation budget. If the kitchen furniture is in good condition, you can just change facades or handles. For smaller budgets, paint and sticks are also a good solution.

4- Give pep's to his work plan

Nothing better to renew the decor of his kitchen than to revamp the kitchen work plan. Opt for the new trend painting with polished concrete effects, zinc... for a contemporary or vintage kitchen.

5- Harmonize the household appliances

The elements of the kitchen are important in the look of this room. Granting the appliance by choosing a shiny stainless steel style or bright colors will bring harmony to the room.

6- Keys of light

It's over the dark and old-fashioned effect of yesteryear, the kitchen today is energized and becomes a real piece of life. To illuminate your kitchen, no need for an electrician, adhesive leds find their place everywhere in the cupboards or above the worktop.

7- Install decorative shelves

Practical and decorative, the shelf is the essential tip to revamp a kitchen at a lower cost. Install it everywhere by displaying small jars filled with colorful candies, spices, pasta, condiments...

8- Think about the ground

It would be a shame to completely renovate his kitchen and have a floor that denotes with the rest. Especially since PVC adhesive slabs allow everything to change very quickly and for a lower cost.

9- Refine the details

It's sometimes the small detail that does everything. Here are some cheap tips to embellish the kitchen: change the handles of cupboards, paste stickers trendy, put spice boxes, big letters...

10- Surf the recycle trend

The big trend currently is to make the recovery or to make handmade objects, following the trend "Do it yourself". Get, for example, crates on markets, furniture in the attic, old linen and let your imagination run wild.

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