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Properly insulating your home is essential not to see its energy bill fly away but also to limit external and internal noise. For those who want to insulate their home without spending a lot of money, here is a list of 10 tips.

1) Install curtains

Curtains on windows and doors allow keep the heat inside, prevents the cold from entering and attenuates external noises.

2) Window glazing

The old windows can be one of the causes of energy loss and the installation of a glazing on them makes it possible to mitigate it.

3) Provide door sills

The air also goes through the bottom of the doors. If fresh air comes from your front door or garage door (often not insulated), plan to install door sills. Several models are possible from single coil to recessed automatic plinth.

4) Lay an insulating film behind its radiators

The radiators radiate heat at the front but also at the back against the wall. Install a insulating film or alternatively an aluminum plate behind your radiators reflects this heat into the room for better comfort.

5) Install carpets

The carpets keep the heat so do not hesitate to install in your rooms especially if they are tiled.

6) Avoid moisture

Invest in recharging dehumidifiers, electric or create it yourself. In addition to absorbing excess humidity, some of them can also subtly perfume your home. This trick is not enough if many molds are visible, it will then make a moisture diagnosis.

7) Caulk your windows or un-jointed spaces

Building fault or joints too old, your windows let in air? Change or install new joints on your windows to make them waterproof again. There are different types of gluing, fixing or laying using a cartridge.

8) Close the shutters

When it is very cold or very hot outside, it is recommended to close the shutters even during the day for better insulation at the windows.

9) Insulate the walls with paint

Refresh your interior and exterior walls by applying an insulating paint. It is equivalent to 20 cm of rock wool for thermal insulation and is easily applied.

10) Insulate the attic

Glass wool or rock wool can be laid by you in the attic. For blowing methods in inaccessible attics, the call to a professional will be necessary.

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