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11 cool things to do with corks

Cork corks can be recycled to make everyday objects. It is possible to transform them into a decorative object, flowerpot, keychain or fire starter. In short, their use is particularly varied. Here are some ideas of simple accessories to make with corks.

Make a key ring with a cork

Cork corks can be used to make custom objects, without necessarily having the soul of a handyman. It is quite easy to make a key ring from a cork. Just bring a hook or a colorful string.
The hook is the easiest to use because you just have to push it deep into the cap. The hook will serve to hang the keys and voila!
For the string, you have to pierce the cork from one end to the other and insert it. The keys are threaded one by one on the string. The latter is then tied to not let them escape. It must be solid to hold well under the weight of the keys.

The cork to protect the fruits

The cork is used in the kitchen for prevent fruit from rotting. Simply cut the cap in half and arrange them in the fruit basket. This technique extends the life of the fruit. Indeed, the cork absorbs the moisture and thus delays the rotting of the fruits. Thus, the more pieces of cork in the basket, the better!

Make trivets with corks

Soft, the cork absorbs the ambient heat. The heat of the dishes and pans therefore has no effect on him. Thus, it can be used to make trivets resistant, light and decorative. To do this, it is necessary to gather a quarantine of corks. Then simply align them together to form a square or round, depending on the size and shape sought. The caps are then glued together with glue. Let the trivets rest in a well-ventilated place to dry the glue quickly.

Use cork stoppers to light a barbecue

The cork comes from the bark of a tree. It ignites easily. It thus allows start a fire with easein an ecological way. Simply immerse the cap in alcohol, place it in the middle of the charcoal and light it.

Lift a lid with a cork

Certainly, it is easier to lift the lid of a saucepan with a kitchen glove, but this trick can help when the glove in question can not be found. Simply slide a cork under the handle of the lid.

To protect the parquet varnish

The varnished parquet is very pretty, but it fears scratches. You have to be very careful when moving furniture such as a chair, a sofa or a coffee table. However, a simple shock with a chair is enough to move them, thus risking scratch the varnish of the floor, especially when the legs of the chair are metal. To avoid possible accidents of this kind, it is enough to cut some corks of slats of the same sizes and stick each piece under the feet of the furniture. The furniture will move less and will not scratch the varnish even if they slip.

Protect doors with corks

Doors that slam all day long are both annoying and can cause damage to both the door and the wall. Instead of buying a doorstop, there is a very practical solution. Just fix the cork on the wall against which the door slams when it opens. Cork absorbs shock and reduces noise caused by slamming.

To eliminate bad smells from the fridge

Cork is effective at absorbing moisture, but also bad odors. Thus, just place a few corks in the different compartments of the refrigerator and voila! However, it is necessary to get rid of the foods that cause bad smells.

Make a towel rail with corks

To make a 100% recycled towel rail, you need a few corks, a wooden board and screws. The steps to make the towel rail are:

  1. Sand the wooden board so that it is completely smooth;
  2. Apply varnish on the wood to protect it;
  3. Let dry in a well-ventilated place for 24 hours;
  4. Fix the corks on the wooden board with screws;
  5. Space the corks about 10 cm;
  6. Attach the wooden board to the bathroom door. All you have to do is hang the towels.

Make placemarks or labels with corks

The corks make it possible to make the markers in no time. Just split the cap in the direction of the length. It is also necessary to flatten the other side of the plug so that it does not roll on the table. Then write the names of the guests on a piece of card stock, then insert the card into the slot on the cap.
The cork can also be turned into a label to remember the name of the plant that has just been sown. Simply mark it on the cork with a permanent marker, put a wooden pick in it and place it next to the plant.

Make a plant pot with corks

We need to gather about one quarantine of corks to make a small pot. Here are the steps to make one:

  1. Take the pot to cover;
  2. Glue the corks one by one around the pot with glue starting at the bottom;
  3. Apply the glue on the areas in contact with the pot and between each cap.
No matter if the corks are lying or standing, the goal is to cover the pot entirely. The caps can be painted or left as is.
This same technique makes for a nice photo frame. Indeed, just stick the plugs between them to form a square. The photo will then be attached to the frame with a simple thumbtack.

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