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17 useful things to do with modified alcohol

Sold in pharmacies, the alcohol disinfectant is intended to eliminate some germs. However, this solution is also very practical in other situations. Here are some uses of disinfectant alcohol in everyday life. This product is useful for cleaning windows, ink stains, fruit flies, etc.

Easily remove frost from windows with 70° alcohol

To facilitate the cleaning of frozen windows in winter, just dilute ½ cup of alcohol at 70° in a liter of water. This solution is to be adopted instead of the soap water normally used for wash the windows. After cleaning, justwipe the windows with rolled newspaper. After this treatment, the gel will no longer settle on the windows. The alcohol at 70° also eliminates the gel on the windshield. To avoid using the scraper and to spend a long time looking after the windshield, you only have to use 70° alcohol. The trick is to transfer the alcohol in a spray to spray on the windshield. The gel will then be removed with great ease.

Clean electrical appliances with 70° alcohol

According to some studies, the smartphone is one of the dirtiest objects. Indeed, a person touches the phone more than 150 times a day, with hands that are not always clean. It is therefore essential to clean this appliance regularly. 70° alcohol is ideal for shine the screen while eliminating the maximum of bacteria. Just moisten a cotton of alcohol before using it to clean the screen and the shell. 70° alcohol is also perfect for cleaning and disinfecting computer keyboards. Just wipe a rag soaked in 70° alcohol.

Clean the ink stains with disinfectant alcohol

The ink stains on a garment can not be removed easily when machine washed. Before cleaning the garment with laundry, it is necessary to dab the stain with 70° alcohol. The garment is then sent by machine and washed with the usual laundry.

Clean traces of markers with alcohol

Kids love to write about anything and everything to show off their drawing skills. Do not panic! If the traces are on an impermeable material such as plastic, laminate or marble, they will be cleaned quite easily with alcohol at 70°. Just soak a cotton of alcohol and rub the stain. The operation can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Kill fruit flies with 70° alcohol

The alcohol at 70° makes it possible to get rid of the small flies which agglutinate on the fruits. Just spray the flies directly. This technique is recommended in place of insecticides that are harmful to health and the environment. However, since alcohol is flammable, care must be taken not to spray it near a flame.

Make a deformable ice pocket with alcohol

An ice pack made with water and alcohol deforms at will. It can thus be placed on the knee and adopted the form this one. To make this type of ice pack, mix 1 cup of alcohol and 3 cups of cold water. Pour the mixture into a freezer bag and place in the freezer.

Degrease a lino or tile floor

The floor in lino or tiling is first cleaned with a mixture of water and vinegarthen left to dry. The floor is then rubbed with a rag soaked in alcohol. The windows and doors should be opened wide to open the air.

Shine with 70° alcohol

To shine a chrome faucet, simply clean it with a cloth soaked in 70° alcohol. It is not necessary to rinse, because the alcohol evaporates. The faucet is bright and disinfected.
The varnished shoes are rubbed with a cloth soaked in 70° alcohol to make them shine.

Deodorize and clean shoes with disinfectant alcohol

After wearing the shoes, simply spray alcohol inside at 70°. Let the shoes dry overnight, the smell will disappear the next day.
To clean a stain on canvas shoes, it is not necessary to send them to the machine. Simply scrub the stain with a cloth soaked in modified alcohol.

Remove the smell of garlic on the hands

If the smell of garlic persists on the hands, rub them with 70° alcohol. Wash hands with soap and rinse thoroughly.

Remove nail polish with alcohol disinfect

To remove varnish when there is no more solvent, it is possible to use alcohol at 70°. Soak a cotton ball of alcohol at 70°, then put it on the nails and let the varnish impregnate before rubbing. It takes longer, but this technique is welcome when there is no more solvent available.

Relieve insect bites

To calm an insect bite, simply scrub the area with alcohol. This product is perfect for soothing the itching.

Relieve muscle soreness with 70° alcohol

After a big effort, the muscles are sore. To alleviate the pain, the muscles are rubbed with a little alcohol at 70°.

Clean a stain of coffee on the carpet

To clean a stain of coffee on a carpet, mix 30 cl of White vinegar and 30 cl of modified alcohol. Soak a cloth with this mixture, then rub the stain to make it disappear. Wipe with a clean cloth to dry.

Fluidify dried nail polish and soften polish

To give life to a dried nail polish, just pour a small amount of alcohol at 90°. Shake the bottle vigorously to mix the varnish and the alcohol. The varnish will be more fluid and can be used immediately. On the other hand, if the operation is repeated several times, the color of the varnish will not be so intense.
The same goes for a dry wax. Just add a few drops of alcohol at 90° in the product and mix it with a wooden stick. The shoe will become more flexible and easier to apply.

Kill mealybugs with modified alcohol

Mealybugs suck the sap of plants and weaken them day by day. It is thus necessary to get rid of it at all costs. You have to mix 5 tablespoons of black liquid soap, 10 liters of water and 5 tablespoons of modified alcohol. Pour the liquid into a spray and spray on the affected plants. The operation is to be performed during the night to avoid burning the leaves.

Clean silver jewelry

To shine silver jewelry, simply clean with 90° alcohol. For this, gently rub the jewels with a cotton disc soaked in alcohol. Fine stones and amber can also be cleaned with alcohol.

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