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  • 3. Buy your second home abroad
  • 4. Secondary Residence, Taxes and Taxation
  • 5. Second home: a profitable investment for my money?
  • Who did not want to own a second home to enjoy a few days of respite for a weekend or to end up in a vacation home with the whole family. Buying a second home in France offers many advantages but it is advisable to think carefully before embarking on this investment because some costs can weigh heavily in the balance.

    Buy your second home in France - The stone house of Provence

    Buy your second home in France - The stone house of Provence

    Secondary house: a dream shared by many

    A second home is a little piece of paradise to enjoy weekends, holidays and holidays, when you want! With a secondary house, it is no longer necessary to organize everything, book a rental or respect schedules, just pack the bags and leave in complete freedom. This is an opportunity to save money on your vacation and enjoy a second "home".

    The second home is also a dream to share with friends and family. It can be a meeting point for parties, events, gatherings and a friendly place to enjoy your loved ones.

    Buy your second home in France is a financial investment but also a projection on the future. Indeed, a second home is a capital that can become a place to spend your retirement or an inheritance to pass on to children.

    Places for all tastes

    France has the advantage of having many assets, with very diverse regions and landscapes where life is good. For everyone to evaluate their preferences and their budget: the sun, gastronomy, entertainment, nature, landscapes, activities... The level of distance from their main home is also a factor to take into account.

    • Provence at the coast with its mild climate even in winter, the proximity of the beaches, the pleasant way of life, but as the demands are many prices explode unless moving away in the hinterland.
    • The Pyrenees and the Alps are also popular areas for mountain hikes in summer and for winter sports.

    For small budgets, there are still accessible regions such as Burgundy or the Center which have the advantage of having a rather cheap real estate in beautiful sites.

    Criteria to be considered

    Be careful not to get too excited because some disadvantages are important and especially the financial cost. To repay the credit, we must add the various expenses such as electricity, telephone, garbage, heating, water, taxes, insurance, the price of round trips, etc...

    The maintenance of exteriors such as swimming pool or garden can also weigh on the wallet without counting the renovation work that is sometimes heavy (roofing, insulation...).

    The psychological dimension is also to be taken into account. Indeed, one can get tired of always returning to the same place, especially if the house is isolated in the countryside or in a small village.

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