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  • 3. Home heating: which energy sources to choose
  • 4. Choose your heating system: new or renovated
  • How to opt for this or that heating? There are many systems and models on the market, so how do you choose? The motivations are different between comfort, economy, performance, so what are the criteria of choice for your heating system?

    The priority of heating comfort

    Speed ​​and homogeneity are the two main criteria when looking for a heating system based on comfort.

    For example, electric storage heating is the principle of accumulating heat during off-peak hours to radiate it throughout the day throughout the entire surface of the room.

    Other means are also of great comfort such as oil heating which allows a homogeneous heat very fast. The wood heating is very nice as a backup or as a main heating system for more modern installations.

    Save on heating

    The heating budget often represents a significant part of a household's expenses. This is why heating systems that are inexpensive or less consume are very popular.

    The most natural and economical solution is wood. A classic fireplace can be improved with an insert to prevent heat loss. The woodstove and the wood-fired boiler have a high efficiency and are simple to install and use.
    The gas heating is also very interesting because very cheap but you have to be in an area where you can connect to the network.

    There are tax benefits to encourage households to invest in energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems.

    Focus on heating performance and efficiency

    The performance of a heater is measured by comparing the amount of energy consumed with the amount of energy returned. Less fuel for more heat emits determines the efficiency of a heating system. The good performance of a heater allows to combine all the advantages: comfort and economy.

    The most efficient systems often require works and big investments but they are very profitable in the long term, both in the field of comfort and in the field of energy savings. It also allows you to display a better DPE - diagnosis of Energy Performance and therefore bring added value to your home.

    The heat pump is a good example with a very good coefficient of performance. There are also appliances that use renewable energy such as solar or, less well known, the Canadian well that operates on an air / ground heat exchanger system.

    In summary, the criteria for choosing your heating system depend on your priorities (short or long term investment), the size of your home and your budget.

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