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  • 3. Energy checks to help the most modest households pay their bills
  • 4. News to control and monitor energy consumption
  • 5. The end of "programmed obsolescence"
  • Less attractive than the creation of energy vouchers, the Energy Transition Law for Green Growth also requires that certain works must meet the new Low Consumption Building (BBC) standards, with the aim of renovating, according to this logic, 500,000 homes per year. as of 2017. Explanations of this measure which will have an impact for households, and of its counterparts granted by the State.

    The works concerned by the obligation of renovation according to BBC standards

    From a general point of view, the Energy Transition Law aims to encourage all French to undertake renovations of their homes to BBC standards, to save on their bills but also to reduce their final consumption.

    Nevertheless, it will be supplemented by decrees of application which will fix certain particular situations for which the work launched will have obligatorily to respect the norms in terms of energy performances. In concrete terms, all renovation, roofing and new housing projects will be affected by this obligation.

    However, some cases of exemption are provided, especially if the technical solutions are difficult to achieve or disproportionate in terms of costs.

    Financial aid for the realization of energy renovation works

    The energy renovation measure therefore has a definite interest for French households with a view to improving the quality of the habitats in general, although it represents a significant financial investment. Also, to help individuals, the law sets a set of devices to support them in their approach:

    • The CIDD (Sustainable Development Tax Credit): up to now between 15 and 25%, the tax reduction is raised to 30% and accessible to all owners;
    • The eco-loan at zero rate: raised to 30 000 euros maximum, the eco-PTZ will also be accessible to all, but especially its conditions of granting will be simplified by discharging the banks of the technical control afferent;
    • Clarification on other forms of financingLoans granted by banks, credit institutions and third-party financiers are recognized by the law, and a guarantee fund for energy renovation is created;
    • Energy checks: granted to the most model households, they will allow them to finance all or part of their energy bills and their energy renovation work;
    • Setting up a system " bonus Malus " according to the level of energy performance of each dwelling.

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