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  • 3. Terrace: laying wooden boards
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  • 6. Wooden terraces on stilts (or suspended)
  • The choice of a quality wooden deck is not the only criterion to guarantee longevity in good conditions. Soil preparation before installation is a very important step that should not be neglected. The consequences can even be harmful if all the rules are not respected.

    Preparation of the soil upstream

    Soil preparation before the construction of a wooden deck requires to comply with a compliance with the administration. Learning about regulations is even the first necessary step before starting a construction, whatever the layout. All you need to do is ask the Town Hall.

    Generally, no administrative procedure is required if the top of the terrace does not exceed 60 cm the ground of the ground. On the other hand, it is necessary to make a declaration of works if this height is exceeded or an application for a building permit for the terraces whose surface exceeds the 20 m ². Regional peculiarities may appear according to the municipalities, so it is essential to inquire before starting.

    The different steps

    Before starting work, take care to delimit and trace the perimeter of the terrace simply using wooden sticks and ropes to get a full-size view of the final result.

    The surface must then be properly cleaned and leveled to flatten the soil and make it stable. It's time to check the level and adjust the height.
    For the next step, take into account the existing soil. Yes the floor is bare, well packed, it is recommended to install strips of geotextiles 5 cm thick to prevent the growth of weeds and to see them appear between the blades. In case dirt floor or freshly installed, take precautions because the terrace may move. In the latter case, care should be taken to add gravel, sand or install a concrete slab.

    When preparing the soil, it is essential to make a slight slope to allow the evacuation of rainwater, which avoids moisture problems and damage especially on wood.

    Preparation of the soil before the construction of a wooden terrace requires know-how and skills as well as adequate equipment. It is advisable to use the services of a specialist in earth moving to have durable and resistant foundations over time.

    Laying a terrace: the supports

    Before laying down the wooden deck, it is necessary to make the choice of support on which it will be asked. This is an important decision because it is the construction that will maintain and support the entire terrace and the elements that will find their place (barbecue, garden furniture, planter, outdoor umbrella...)

    The terrace can be directly placed on a concrete screed but also on blocks or studs that will support the joists. The pads have the advantage of being adjustable, which facilitates the equalization in height.

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