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  • 3. Compare different types of boilers
  • 4. Perform an energy audit to choose the right boiler
  • 5. New generation boilers, efficient and efficient
  • Before replacing a boiler, it is recommended not to rush and correctly evaluate its energy needs in order to choose the most suitable model. In some cases, it is possible to receive financial aid from the State.

    Replace a boiler: involve a professional

    Replace a boiler: involve a professional

    Boiler replacement and heat balance

    If you want to buy a more efficient boiler or if yours does not work anymore, it is important, first of all, to have an energy audit performed by a professional. It will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your home in terms of insulation and can calculate with you what is your average energy consumption. He will also evaluate with you What are your needs depending on the number of people in the home, the time of occupancy of the house and your expansion plans.
    After his intervention, you will know the boiler power you will need. Count around 300 euros to carry out the audit of a house of 150 m². Even the price may seem high, know that performing an audit allows you to make great savings.

    Replace a boiler: the different criteria of choice

    You will then have to inquire about the different models of existing boilers on the market. On the technology side, you have the choice between condensing boilers or low temperature boilers. On the energy side, you can opt for gas, fuel oil or wood.
    You must also ask yourself the question of the location of your boiler. Mural or to pose on the ground, to you to see according to the space which you have. The budget is also a very important element to take into account. The gas boiler is more economical to use than oil but less efficient. The wood pellet boiler is expensive to buy but is much more environmentally friendly and economical to use.

    Tax aids and benefits to replace a boiler

    Know that you can reduce the amount of the bill by taking advantage of certain state aid. You can benefit from the eco-loan at zero rate that can finance eco-renovation or a tax credit that offers you the opportunity to deduct a portion of the expenses of your income tax.
    Check with heating professionals as the tax credit only applies to certain types of boilers and the amount is changing regularly. Know that if you go through a professional for the purchase and installation of your boiler, you can benefit from a reduced rate VAT of 5.5%.

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