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It takes technique to drill tiling without breaking it. Indeed, the drill can skid and do damage. If the ideal is to drill between two tiles, there are simple tips to create shelves or simply hang fasteners on tiled walls without risk.

Practical tip for drilling into tiles without cracking

Drill tiles before laying

To fix furniture or shelves on the tiles, the easiest way is to pierce before putting it down. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Make a hole using a speed variator drill. It is possible to increase the speed gradually. Those who do not have a variable speed drill can use a conventional device and select the slowest speed.
  2. Equip the drill with a earthenware drill or a concrete wick with tungsten carbide pellet.
  3. Place the tile on a wooden board. This one will absorb the vibrations.
  4. Mark the location of the hole with a felt pen.
  5. Place a piece of adhesive over the point to be drilled to prevent the drill from slipping.
  6. Drill at slow speed and increase the power gradually.
Attention, it is strongly discouraged to use percussion mode at the risk of breaking the tiles.

Drill tiling already in place

If the tiles are already in place, care should be taken before drilling or breaking. The steps to follow:

  1. Identify the location of the hole and mark it in the felt pen;
  2. Lay two pieces of cross-shaped tape;
  3. Drill at slow speed and increase speed as you go;
  4. Once the hole is formed, remove the drill bit;
  5. Clean the residue with a vacuum cleaner;
  6. Replace the drill bit with a model that can pierce the wall;
  7. Finally, insert the ankle.
Some recommendations:
  • Wearing protective accessories is a must for any DIY work.
  • Better to use a hole saw to drill tiling when you want to pass pipes for example. Those who do not have a hole saw, drill several holes close enough, the distance varying according to the desired diameter. Gently remove the tile end after forming the holes.
  • Comply with the drilling steps.

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