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Repairing the hole in a carpet is an easy operation to perform, provided you have kept a fall or find a smaller model but with identical patterns in the trade. Otherwise, it is better to cut a piece to an inconspicuous place in order to seal the hole.

Repair a hole in a carpet

Repair a hole in a carpet with glue

Nothing is easier than repairing a cracked carpet. Just have the right tools and a fall.

  1. Use a screwdriver to define the hole and undo the fibers;
  2. Remove the damaged part;
  3. Measure the hole;
  4. Using a cuttertake a piece of the fall, respecting the measures taken;
  5. Clean the floor;
  6. Remove the rest of the old trichlorethylene glue;
  7. Apply the glue;
  8. Lay the cut piece to the correct dimensions;
  9. Place a heavy object on the glued part to ensure a good fixation;
  10. Let dry a few hours;
  11. Spread a brush on the carpet so that the hairs of the two carpets intertwine.

Use a carpet repair kit

Instead of glue, it is possible to use tape to seal a hole in the carpet.

  1. Once the damaged part is removed from the cutter, pour some water on the adhesive disc larger than the replacement drop;
  2. Raise the edges of the carpet around;
  3. Slide the disc taking care to keep the adhesive side on top;
  4. When the disc becomes sticky, press the outer edges to hold it in place;
  5. Remove the fibers hanging on the edges;
  6. Lay a thin layer of glue on the edges of the adhesive disc;
  7. Put the piece in place;
  8. Press lightly so that the disc below sticks well to the replacement part.
  • Make sure that the fibers turn in the same direction as the rest of the carpet;
  • Take a quarter of an hour to put the replacement part in place and align the bristles before the glue dries;
  • Smooth the hair with a brush or vacuum;
  • To remove adhesive crusts from the carpet, inject a bead of glue and press down with a nail gun.

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