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  • 3. The budget required for the installation of a walk-in shower
  • 4. How to avoid the problems of sealing a walk-in shower?
  • 5. Renovate a bathroom by installing a walk-in shower
  • A bespoke walk-in shower is perfect when you want to reach a high degree in customizing your shower area. But what does this imply in terms of realization?

    A custom walk-in shower

    A custom walk-in shower

    Why a custom walk-in shower?

    Among the choices in shower coverings, walls, shower columns and accessories, the walk-in shower offers many possibilities in terms of personalization. Why then want to have one with non-standard dimensions?

    • By necessity. We want a nice walk-in shower, but our bathroom is quite small and the dimensions of the shower kits ready to install are not suitable? Combine the useful with the pleasant, and opt for a custom-made walk-in shower, with walk-in access that will expand the room.
    • Desires to see the shower in large. Because the shower is above all a pleasure, you may want a larger than average shower area! So that our shower turns into a pleasant balneotherapy or steam roomwe can build a large walk-in shower with hydromassage shower column and all the accessories that go with it.
    • Because we want replace our old bathtub by a walk-in shower. In 50% of cases, when replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower, it is for access issues (for a senior for example). Well seen, because the walk-in shower does not involve over-elevation or access step. And if you want a wide and easily accessible shower, as much as it occupies all the space left by the bathtub.

    A tailor-made Italian shower, (well) done by a pro!

    For a "classic" walk-in shower, the scale of the installation work is already important, and the nature of the work is rather delicate.

    If one wants a walk-in shower tailored to meet dimensional, aesthetic or access constraints, it is again more advisable to call a professional.

    This professional will be able to advise us the materials that will make the best (tadelakt for a shower XL as a steam room, safety glass for a shower XS which will still enlarge a small bathroom, anti-slip accessories for a shower fitted for a senior...).

    Obviously, we do not choose his professional before having made several quotes, and we choose the one who offers us a ten-year guarantee for his work.

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