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  • 3. Solicit banks and credit organizations for a real estate purchase
  • 4. The process of buying a property, step by step
  • To think about acquiring real estate obviously means that we have thought about the budget that will be allocated to it. If thinking about the budget is of course inseparable from the amount of property envisaged, it is also the amount of notary fees and the cost of the bank loan.

    Predict the price of the property

    The price of the expected real estate is estimated according to its nature, location and area, in particular. To get an idea of ​​the budget you will have to invest to become an owner, multiply the area you would like to have by the price per square meter in force in the sector that interests you.
    Do not hesitate to go to real estate agencies that will tell you the amount of this apartment in the heart of the capital or that of a house in a small village in the Alsatian countryside.

    Provide the amount of notary fees

    If we think about the budget to provide for home ownership, we immediately think of the cost of real estate but think a little less notary fees that will necessarily pay. Buying a real estate requires you to go through the "box" notary, the latter being responsible for establishing the deed of sale making you the new owner of the property. It will then be necessary to count between 3 to 4% of the price of the property when it is new, since one benefits from reduced notary fees, and between 7 and 8% of the price of the good in the case of an "old" good. These notary fees are actually composed of the remuneration of the notary and his collaborators, the taxes he must pay to the State and the costs incurred by the notary for the constitution of the file.

    If you went through a real estate agency to find the property of your dreams, you will also agency fees to pay.

    If for the acquisition of your property you take out a mortgage, you must at the same time subscribe to a guarantee for this loan which will consist of either a mortgage or a deposit, but also a life insurance- disability. Additional charges related to the interest on the loan and the insurance rate will be yours.
    You will also have to subscribe Home Insurance, it can be offered by your bank at the time of obtaining your loan.

    To access the property, however, it is important to have a starting nest egg, which also allows you to obtain a bank loan more easily.

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