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  • 4. Can we drill a load-bearing wall?
  • 5. Can we cut down a load-bearing wall to enlarge a room?
  • As the centerpiece of the building's framework, the load-bearing wall can only be modified under certain unavoidable conditions. Feasibility study, precautions of implementation of works and jobs of a building expert will be necessary here.

    Create an opening in a load-bearing wall: is it possible?

    Create an opening in a load-bearing wall: is it possible?

    How to create an opening in a load-bearing wall?

    It is possible to create an opening in a load-bearing wall, but the work can not be undertaken without a preliminary study and careful of the project. We can thus check the state in which the wall is and define its nature.

    Breaking down a bearing wall without having conducted this study, is equivalent to take the risk of seeing your house collapse.

    Opening or breakthrough will be possible, but only on certain load-bearing walls. To do this, it will be necessary here to provide for a recovery of expenses, using uprights and lintels, which will avoid the collapse of the load-bearing wall.

    An operation which is accompanied by the establishment of a shoring, the forestay being a structural part intended to temporarily support a building.

    Shoring is here the action of placing a set of support elements.

    Warning: modifying a load-bearing wall or a semi-load-bearing partition (inside the building) also contributes to altering the stability and overall strength of the building.

    A professional to create an opening in the bearing wall

    The bearing wall is a essential support element to any construction. Touching it is like making changes to the skeleton of the building. The operation is very delicate and it is absolutely discouraged to undertake the work without the support of professionals.

    Appealing to a building expert in addition, ensures that the work undertaken does not affect the integrity of the structure. Of many precautions are needed here and the expert can intervene to:

    • provide advice before the project (feasibility of opening, estimated cost of works, etc.)
    • to assist the individual during the reception of the works (anticipate, detect and overcome problems)
    • to notice possible defects and to establish liability for compensation.

    To note: creating an opening in a load-bearing wall is possible only after prior requests and agreements of the town hall and the syndicate of co-ownership (the bearing wall being considered as a common part in the buildings).

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