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Simple switch? Back and forth? Toggle switch? The choice of hardware and its connection depends on the number of control points you need. Here are their three wiring diagrams.

A control point: simple switch

diagram of a circuit breaker connected to the phase

In a kitchen or bathroom, for example, you only need one control point at the entrance of the room to illuminate it. The switch used in this case works as a simple circuit breaker connected to the phase.

Two control points: switch back and forth

diagram of connection of a back and forth

In a room, it is useful to have a second point to turn off the light from the headboard. It is therefore necessary to connect the circuit back and forth.
The switch used is the same device as in the previous case, only the connection differs.

More than two command points: push button

electricity: pushbutton installation diagram

In a corridor where you need three or four commands, you install pushbuttons.
The mechanism and the connection are different: they transmit their orders to a remote control module, installed in the table, which supplies or cuts the power supply.

Video Instruction: two way light switch wiring diagram