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  • 4. How much does it cost to install a home automation system?
  • 5. Home automation, compatible devices
  • Home automation is an important advancement that allows easy management of electronic equipment in the home. Some tools can even manage everything remotely and completely independently.

    New technologies serving your home

    Smartphones are already doing everything, so why not close the shutters? More and more applications are emerging in order to make everyday life easier

    Thanks to the internet, you can drive your house from the cellar to the attic. Builders are developing command box centralized that support all home automation services. These boxes, once connected to the box of your Internet provider allow you to fully manage the home automation of your home from a distance: in the garden or at the other end of the country or continent. For this, your smartphone or tablet must download an order application, mostly free.

    New technologies to monitor your home

    You can now watch your house without asking the neighbor to play the vigil when you are on vacation. Indeed, today, there are many home automation options that will allow you to monitor your home in case of absence. The simplest is to install one or more cameras at strategic locations and to view the images on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    Other solutions can also manage an alarm system that can even notify the police, as well as control access to your home in case you would like to welcome someone in your absence.

    New technologies serving the environment

    Home automation is a big advantage when it comes to saving energy. Before, if you could program your heating system to start before your arrival, you could not shift it to the day before or overnight without the inconvenience. Now you have the opportunity to restart the boiler and even the VLC just before your arrival so you can find comfort without waiting. And why not start the vacuum cleaner and reopen the shutters when you're on your way home?

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