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How to fix a shelf or kitchen kit in plasterboard? Christian Pessey Responds to System D Readers

Questions about plasterboard

Ground plasterboard

Can we remake the floor of the attic on a dry screed plasterboard. Is it solid enough?
It is quite possible to make a dry screed floor with specific double plasterboard (for example Placosol or Rigidur Sol from Placo® or Pregychap from Lafarge).

Fixing in plasterboard

How to fix kit kitchen elements securely in plasterboard doubling?
If these elements are very light and you do not intend to overload them, it is possible to fix them with expansion anchors for hollow masonry.
But as in general these elements are quite heavy and are used to store dishes that weighs its weight, the solutions are very limited.
We can try to anchor them in vertical metal uprights of the frame of the doublingbut the safest is to go and look for the hard masonry, behind the dubbing.

Fix a shelf in plasterboard

What kind of ankle should I use to fix a shelf in drywall?
It is necessary to use specific screw anchors adapted to the weight and load of the shelves. Insert the dowel and its screw into the hole that has been drilled, loosen the screw a little and engage a special clamp on the screw head to expand the ankle behind the plate.

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