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What are the benefits of the concrete lime slab to remake a clay barn floor? Can we sink a slab in the rain? A slab difficult to access?

3 questions and answers on concrete slabs

What choice to make between the cement slab and the lime concrete?

A concrete slab cement, associated with a polyane film, is moisture-proof.
A mortar slab of lime is "perspiring", that is to say that it allows some evaporation of moisture that rises from the ground. It limits the transmission of this one to the base of the walls, especially if they are without foundations and without capillary breaker (band of arase).
A lime concrete slab will therefore be more sensitive to humidity, but it will prevent capillary rise in the walls. It can not be scrapped, irons likely to corrode under the combined effect of lime and moisture.
Covered with a mortar of lime and earthenware, it is a good solution for a country house in a low humidity environment.

Is it possible to pour a concrete slab for a terrace in the rain?

Is there not a risk that it will be weakened?

Concrete is made of sand, gravel and cement which is a "hydraulic" binder, that is to say which takes and hardens in contact with water... There is therefore no problem in pouring concrete in the rain (provided it does not mark its surface).
Conversely, do not pour concrete in the heat and under the sun, too rapid evaporation of mixing water may affect the setting and solidification of the concrete. It must then be sprayed regularly with water and the tarpaulin.

I do not have the opportunity to sink a concrete slab in my cellar because access is very difficult. What to do?

When the access of a cellar is very restricted, the transport of the concrete and the mortar is indeed complicated, except to come down there buckets of concrete and mortar by hand... Better in this case to realize a dry screed constituted of a layer of insulating granules to compact, on which you will install panels or plates adapted to the need. You will be able to put the coating of your choice on these panels, including tiling. Easy to make, the dry screed also provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.

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