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What parquet flooring on heated floor? How to put his floor so that it does not creak? How to change the floor nailed on joist?

3 questions about the floors

What is a parquet floor on a heated floor?

If we stick to the unified technical document (DTU), only the installation of glued parquet is explicitly authorized.
It is necessary to use a specific glue and to respect very precise conditions concerning the setting in temperature of the slab if this one is new: to let dry the slab naturally 21 days, to raise it in temperature for the same duration, to stop the heating system, place the floor and let the glue dry for 7 days, then gradually put the heating on the road.
The floating installation of parquet, as for it, is prohibited... "unless it is authorized by the manufacturer". It is then necessary to provide a specific underlayer resistant to a temperature of 60° C and that the thermal resistance of the assembly does not exceed 0.15 m2.K / W, the laying of carpets on the floor being proscribed. We see it, it is better either to proceed to a glued pose, or to opt for another coating (imitation tiling... parquet, for example).

How to install a parquet floor nailed on joists?

Can you replace a floor parquet on joists? How does one go about it?

This is a major operation that involves the removal of the old parquet. It is also necessary to control, to rest (spacing: 40 to 50 cm), to recalibrate and to adjust level of joists (if they can be conserved). Take the opportunity to treat them against the larvae of xylophagous insects. The boards do not rest directly on the joists, but on joists, slats of wood fixed transversely to the joists (also every 40 to 50 cm). Nail the blades on the joists, pushing the nails diagonally into the tabs and not into the grooves (to avoid splitting the wood).

How to put parquet so that it does not creak?

I want to lay parquet floorboards on joists and old-fashioned joists, by nailing. How to make the blades do not squeak?

The creaking of a floor comes generally from the friction of the blades on the upper surface of the joists. To avoid the phenomenon, it is necessary to interpose a flexible resilient band between the two. Cork is an excellent cushioning material here. Attention: always nail the parquet in the tabs and not in the grooves!

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