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  • 4. The sustainable development tax credit increased and extended from 1/09/14
  • 5. Reduced VAT
  • 6. Building permit: deadlines revised downwards
  • 7. Energy renovation: special financial assistance for the most modest households
  • The start of 2014 marks the advent of the new housing stimulus plan, which seeks to enhance the donation of building land. The government therefore wants to implement an exceptional tax deduction for this type of donation, applicable until the end of 2015.

    Tax rebates for the donation of land

    Tax rebates for the donation of land

    Why promote the donation of building land?

    For the state, the multiplication of donations of building land and one of the measures that must allow the relaunch of new housing projects in France. Indeed, in a context of real estate crisis, the Ministry of housing records a decline of 13.3% of starts of new construction, in just a year.

    For the individual, the donation of his building land to the advantage of fully purge the added value of his property. Donations benefit significant rebates and so are fiscally very advantageous. Inheritance taxes are still very favorable to the views of these allowances.

    Donation of building land, 2014 tax allowances

    The transmission of building land is thus favored by the State, stipulated in its housing stimulus plan published on August 29, 2014.

    Indeed, this is an abatement of 100,000 euros which is provided during the donation of the building land, and until the end of 2015. To do this, the land must imperatively be intended for construction. The delay of this start following the donation is not yet known.

    To note: a second exceptional abatement of 100 000 € is also provided for by this government planThis time, the new homes donated to children and grandchildren.

    Donation of land, all applicable rebates

    This exceptional abatement provided for by the Pinel plan will naturally be added to any other tax benefits that may be the subject of the donation of a building land:

    Parent / child abatementGrandparents / grandchildren abatementTransmission
    Rear grandparents / great-grandchildren
    Abatement between spouses or pacsés
    100 000 €€ 31,865 (donation only)€ 5,310 (donation only)€ 80,724 euros (donation only)
    Abatement between brothers and sistersAbatement between uncles - aunts and nephews - nieces Other Abatement (estate only)Abatement for persons with disabilities
    15 932 €7 967 €1 594 €159 325 €

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