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  • 4. Build a wooden deck
  • 5. The price of a wooden deck
  • 6. Wooden terraces on stilts (or suspended)
  • The deck boards made of wood have an incomparable charm and give an elegant and natural touch to the whole. But their installation must meet certain rules to obtain a satisfactory and lasting result.

    Choose wood blades

    concerning the quality of the wood, we opt for a minimum class 3 or 4 to have good weather resistance. FSC certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council) or certified PEFC (Forest Certification Recognition Program) guarantees a product whose operation is made in good environmental conditions.

    General information on laying wooden boards

    Before starting work, the wooden boards must be kept in a suitable way, that is to say in an airy room sheltered from bad weather and humidity. Regarding the installation, we take into account that the wood works and expands, so it is imperative to leave gaps of a few millimeters between the blades and the edges. The installation should never be done directly on the floor, always leave a space for ventilation.

    Some precautions avoid many inconveniences such as installing a geotextile film to prevent weeds from growing and setting a slight slope so that water can flow.

    Creation of the terrace structure

    Before you start laying the wooden boards, it is wise to do a plan at the scale of the work to be undertaken. Once the dimensions are taken, the establishment of the structure can then begin. This type of work is quite complex and it is advisable to use the expertise of a specialist for the installation of wood blades is quality and durable over time.

    The job of the professional is to prepare the work upstream starting by installing joists that will support the wooden boards. The joists are chosen according to the blades and they must be at least thicker than the latter. The laying can be done on a concrete slab or on adjustable pads.

    The joists are installed regularly, spaced identically, and fixed with screws or brackets. For the sake of aesthetics and protection, formwork boards surround the installation.

    Fixing the blades

    Once the support is installed, all that remains is to finish by placing the wooden boards.

    For hardwoods as exotic woods, it is recommended to pre-drill the blades. For softer woods this can be done directly. We choose stainless screws and we take care to push them down so they do not protrude to avoid accidents and injuries.

    The laying of the wooden boards to finalize the construction of a terrace requires the knowledge of a professional and specific tools. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to ask for several quotes in order to compare the services at the quality / price level.

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