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Use tiger balm in the house

Effective to treat small sores, the tiger balm is a real Swiss health knife. It can be used to relieve various ailments such as stomach ache and bloating. This miracle cure can also be used to remove paint, relieve insect bites, ward off pests and mask perspiration odors.

Keep away from pests

The tiger balm has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. On the market, there are two types of balms: red and white. Apart from camphor, white tiger balm contains eucalyptus essential oil that has a cold or soothing action. The red balm contains Chinese cinnamon essential oil, cajeput essential oil and clove essential oil.

The white tiger balm is a excellent répulsif. It is effective against mosquitoes, but also against wasps and flies. Just open the box and let the smell diffuse. To keep away termites on wooden furniture, it is advisable to apply a small amount of balm to the infected areas. This remedy can be used against cockroaches, the fleas and the ants. It gives off a strong smell that keeps them at bay. In addition, the white tiger balm relieves itching due to insect bites.

Hide bad smells

Among the amazing properties of the tiger balm, the reduction of bad odors, such as the smell of perspiration. Indeed, this ointment has astringent and purifying virtues. To benefit from these benefits, it is necessary to apply on the parts likely to transpire excessively like the armpits and the feet. Thus, the odors of perspiration will be neutralized.
Apart from shoes, cockroaches lying in closets often leave an unpleasant odor. To clean the air, leave a box of white balm in the cupboards.

Remove persistent stains and stickers

To remove glue or paint stains on the skin or objects, no need to resort to chemicals. A little red tiger balm can do the trick. Apply the ointment to the skin with a cloth. The dirt will leave after a few minutes. The same process is valid for furniture and objects. As for sticker residue on the refrigerator or windows, the balm is also effective.

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