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Children like to know the day after Christmas if Santa has been to their home. How can they believe that the big guy in red suit has come home? Where should we leave traces? DuitDesign gives you three infallible tips that will delight the smallest but also the greatest.

Santa Claus laying the presents at the foot of the tree

Prepare a snack for Santa

The children always ask a lot of questions about Santa Claus. How did he enter the house or the apartment? How does he carry all these gifts on his back? How does he travel around the world in one night? Some adults are full of imagination while others struggle to reassure their offspring.
The easiest and most traditional way to make his children believe that Santa Claus has gone is to prepare with them a small snack.

  1. On a plate, put some cakes.
  2. Pour milk into a glass.
  3. Arrange everything in a tray with a note for Santa Claus.
  4. Once the children are in bed, drink one or two sips of milk and eat a cake.
The next morning, the children will notice that the cakes and milk have been swallowed by Santa Claus.

Leave traces of snow on the ground to make believe that Santa Claus has come

Santa Claus comes from far away to deliver his gifts and at home, it snows a lot! To mark its presence from the chimney to the fir tree or from the front door to the tree, one can make believe to the smallest that it has soiled the house leaving snow glitter on the ground. To do this:

  1. In a bowl, mix baking soda and flakes.
  2. Wet the sole of a pair of boots slightly with a spray.
  3. Pour the baking soda and glitter mixture on the soleplate.
  4. Walking in the house with the boots pressing loudly from the chimney to the tree or from the front door to the tree.

Santa Claus loses a piece of his costume in the fireplace

Every year, Santa increases a little more. It is therefore difficult to sneak into the chimney. To achieve this tip, just a piece of red cloth or felt that leaves in the fireplace while the children are in bed. Do not forget to scatter some ash on the ground to make sure that Santa Claus has been to your home.

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