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3D presentation of the Velux® Air and Light House

The Air and Light House is based on a modular architectural concept of sloping roof, allowing it to adapt to different contexts depending on the situation of the house, its orientation and its use.

The house is divided into three volumes that fit into each other, a concept that contributes to the quality and variety of interior spaces. The sloping roof is part of the cultural heritage of France.

The inclination of roofs built in height varies according to the region and the climate - and meets the need for light and heat. This also creates a wide variety of interior spaces that can accommodate the personal taste of the occupants.

3D presentation of the Velux® Air and Light House

(photos / visuals: © Velux, except special mention)


Specialist in the entry of light through the roof, the VELUX brand markets a wide variety of roof windows, solutions for flat roofs, natural light pipes and their equipment.

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