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  • 5. The price of a wooden deck
  • 6. Wooden terraces on stilts (or suspended)
  • After the installation of a wooden deck comes next the most interesting period: its layout. It will be necessary to find the right balance to give this extension of the house a utility and an esthetic seal which are in agreement with the rest of the house.

    Lay out a wooden deck

    Lay out a wooden deck

    Fit the big structures

    To relax and receive, we choose a garden furniture, colorful cushions and comfortable chairs that can be installed under the pergola to enjoy its terrace in the shade. Moreover, pergolas and arbours are developments that are very trendy because they not only decorate but also protect external elements.

    And the must of a terrace: the barbecue. Whether mobile or recessed, it finds its place on a terrace. And why not push the principle further by installing an outdoor kitchen with all the equipment (sink, hob, storage) to enjoy nature full time all summer.

    Developing a wooden deck offers a variety of solutions and possibilities for this outdoor space to become "almost another room" in the home that is comfortable and practical.

    Terrace: useful amenities

    The terraces are often bathed in sunshine during the summer period. To fully enjoy these outdoor spaces even during hot weather, the terraces need a good protection. One can opt for umbrellas or elements that are very fashionable, shade sails. In both cases, it is easy to install and move them as needed.

    To arrange a quiet corner and isolate yourself from the neighborhood, the terrace can accommodate screening panelsTrellises, fences or screens that are judiciously placed provide privacy and an elegant touch.

    The decoration of a wooden terrace

    The first impulse in decoration often turns to plants. We can call on a landscaper who will take into account the orientation of the terrace, the region, the different types of wood, the possibility of climbing plants or even why not install a mini vegetable garden. A flowered terrace immediately illuminates the whole, especially since there are pots that come in a multitude of colors, design shapes, aspects (wood, metal...), mini or XXL sizes... Large plants also the advantage of bringing freshness summer thanks to their shading.

    All kinds of objects exist today to decorate and develop a wooden terrace. Starting with the floor, carpets, seagrass, or mats can be spread to add splashes of color and make contact more pleasant. Accessories like small lanterns, candles, tealights, wall sconces, lighting... are put in little touches everywhere. For the zen and freshness, we install a fountain in a corner of the terrace.

    Stores and Internet sites specialized in deco terrace propose a panoply of ideas in order to give free course to your imagination...

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