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  • 5. Can we cut down a load-bearing wall to enlarge a room?
  • Drilling a bearing wall is not without risk, but this operation is possible, provided certain precautions are followed. The drilling undertaken on this type of wall is subject to certain legal constraints and must imperatively be performed by a professional.

    Can we drill a load-bearing wall?

    Can we drill a load-bearing wall?

    Drill a load-bearing wall, risks and precautions

    Drilling a load-bearing wall is a delicate operation, but sometimes necessary in order to pass a cable or pipe from one room to another, to create ventilation outlets, etc.

    The load-bearing wall ensures the plumb and resistance of the housethis type of work can not therefore be undertaken lightly. Any mistake can have serious repercussions, including the collapse of the building.

    The breakthrough can not be achieved without a preliminary study, which will firstly make it possible to check if the wall intended to be drilled is indeed a bearing wall. It will also determine the feasibility of the operation.

    How to pierce a load-bearing wall safely

    Creating a breakthrough of this type is also called "wall drilling"We note that it is quite possible to have this kind of drilling done on any wall, provided you call in a professional and have the necessary legal authorizations.

    The professional here uses specific tools, including "diamond crowns", or adapted bits that are fixed on a core drill.

    The drill is a device that lends itself perfectly to the piercing of walls, because it allows to cut the concrete by turning very slowly. This avoids percussion, for more security.

    1) In the case of a detached house, the owner must necessarily declare the drilling work to the planning department of the town hall (even if it is not a wall frontage).

    2) In the case of a condominium building, the individual must then submit his project to the condominium corporation.

    In fact, if the co-owner can modify the disposition of his private portions as he sees fit, he must obtain an authorization from the general assembly if the breakthrough affects one of the common elements (as is the case here with the bearing wall). The co-owner will then have to take out a damage insurance.

    Video Instruction: How to Cut a Pass-Through in a Load Bearing Wall