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  • Between the price of the boiler, the fuel, the labor for the installation and the annual maintenance, the expenses of heating are sometimes very important. Even though performing an energy audit is still an additional expense, it allows, however, to make great savings when buying the equipment and also on the energy bill. The operation is therefore rather profitable and it is even possible, in some cases, to benefit from financial aid.

    The energy audit is done by a professional with thermographic camera

    The energy audit is done by a professional with thermographic camera

    What is an energy audit?

    An energy audit is simply an inventory of the level of energy performance of your home. It must be done by a professional. It is common to request the completion of an energy audit when renovating or isolating a home, changing windows or heating system. With it, you can reduce your energy bill, save money and control the impact of your equipment on the environment.
    The auditor also requires that the replacement elements (new window or boiler, for example) have the minimum performance levels.

    Conduct of an energy audit

    Once the appointment is made with the listener, he goes to your home and takes care of highlight the defects of the building with at a thermographic camera. With this tool, the auditor will be able to detect insulation problems and thermal bridges that are often responsible for a great heat loss. It will then help you choose the boiler model best suited to your situation while respecting the existing thermal regulations. He will advise you finally on the financial aid and the loans of which you can benefit.

    Energy audit: how much does it cost?

    Be aware that an energy audit is not mandatory but it allows you to choose the right boiler power and the fuel best suited to your situation and helps you to reduce the amount of your energy bill.

    The price for an energy audit depends on the location of the dwelling and its area. Count between 100 and 300 euros. If the audit is requested as part of a grant application from ANAH (National Agency for the Improvement of Housing), you can benefit from a partial or total coverage of expenses. In some cases, you can take advantage of a tax credit and deduct the energy audit price from your income tax.

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