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  • 5. Home automation, compatible devices
  • Like any technical and technological installation, home automation requires a set of specific elements whose cost can vary from single to double. However, home automation is democratizing and supply is leading to lower prices.

    Home automation: which installation?

    To estimate a price, it is necessary to know what home automation includes. It is necessary to take into account the shot of the controlled equipment (refrigerator, shutter, motorized portal, etc), the purchase and the installation of the control module and the installation of the system which connects the elements between them (cable, Wireless). Cabling is the most common solution but thanks to the internet, the wifi network is more and more popular. The cost of a wired installation is difficult to estimate because it depends on your equipment and the configuration and surface of your home. In addition, it can be more complicated to implement, it may require some work and will require the intervention of an electrician, which can be more expensive than a wireless solution.

    Indeed, a wireless network is more affordable because it only requires a box to connect to your internet box and will be responsible for communicating with the various facilities.

    Home automation: how much does it cost?

    Here are some ideas to give you an overview of the prices.

    As part of a surveillance of your home by cameras and alarm, it is necessary to know that a wireless installation is less expensive because easier to put in place. The price varies depending on the type of alarm you choose: phone alert, CCTV, remote monitoring. It will be necessary to pay 100 and 1400 euros depending on model.

    The budget to provide for a home automation system is very variable depending on the tools and devices you want to equip. We must take into account the price of shutters that will vary according to the number of windows and their size, the size of the motorized portal that you would like, the robot model for the pool.

    Know that the price of a home automation box, depending on the brand and its features is between 150 and 400 euros. The advantage is that these can be very simple to install, which means that the intervention of a professional is not essential.

    Finally, know thata fully equipped and connected house can ask for an investment of close to 10,000 euros.

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