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To make it more motivating, storage must be in tune with everyone's taste: optimizing one's chances of having an orderly home requires the creation of tailor-made solutions but with old objects to which DIY and personalization give back a second life. Divert, repair, recycle, it's really trendy!

upcycling: divert objects in decorative storage

Some loose ideas of diversions of objects to put away smart and pretty:

  • In the kitchen, fix over the worktop a simple metal grid to equip with hooks: it will suspend colanders and small utensils by giving a country touch.
  • Retrieve wooden lockers, old drawers and other stackable fruit baskets to store the bottles of oils and vinegars, the condiment jars in the kitchen... Or paint them in bright colors: they will then become charming storage in the room children.
  • Transform cotton canvas panels for storing shoes into lint lockers and other small toys.
  • Discover flea markets old wine boxes: with handles brass, they will store hardware and small tools in the workshop or in the garden shed.

Custom designs for raw wooden boxes

Ikea seed manufacturer

Simple small storage units (IKEA) come to life once they are in the hands of the do-it-yourselfers.

  • Photocopy texts and different motifs, then paint them.
  • Coat the front of the drawers with paper glue, stick the copies of texts, then a metal label.
  • Add the colorful patterns.
  • When the glue is dry, finish with a coat of acrylic varnish.

Florist lockers decorated with stencils

paint lockers to tidy up everything

With old wooden flower lockers (Emmaus, flea markets, florists), make personalized storage that will delight children.

  • A little paint, the layer to reproduce the chosen patterns, stencils to trace the letters (BHV) will be necessary, for a very reasonable realization time: 2 hours, except drying time, of course.

Small racks for storing CDs

diversion of pantry in CD range

  • Paint the outside of the pantry in different shades of blue and allow to dry.
  • Take music paper and cut out 8 cm x 5 cm rectangles. To give them a label form, cut the angles at an angle.
  • Then make small rectangles of cardboard 3 cm x 5 cm and stick them in the center of the labels.
  • Write in black felt with a ruler the different styles of CDs to put away.
  • Spray the labels on the front of the pantry.

Wine boxes transformed into trash.

a sorting bin made of recycled wine crates

  • Take 8 wooden wine boxes and make 2 large drawers embellish pretty brass handles.
  • Paper and cardboard will find their place in the one and the glass in the other.

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