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  • 5. Kitchenettes and mini-kitchens
  • Fully equipped kitchens and kitchens are terms often used to refer to kitchens sold with a package of appliances included. What lies behind these models of kitchens? Are they really interesting? DuitDesign tells you everything about the kitchen with appliances included.

    Kitchens with appliances included

    Kitchens with appliances included

    What elements includes the kitchen with appliances included?

    According to professionals and distributors, the kitchens with appliances included do not include all the same equipment.

    Indeed, in addition to the worktop and storage units, they integrate all or part of the following elements: the hood, the hob, the oven, the sink, the mixer, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator / freezer. Some cooks also offer in their pack the table for meals and chairs.

    Why move towards a kitchen with appliances included?

    The main interests of the kitchen with appliances included are also its major disadvantages.

    On the one hand, this kind of cooking makes it possible to have all the adapted equipment, without having to worry about the harmony of the whole, and the dimension of the materials to make sure that they will integrate well. in the furniture, since these elements were previously validated by the professional seller. In addition, in case of problems, the after-sales service of the latter will be the one and only contact for the entire kitchen. However, the choice of appliances is often restricted for the buyer who does not have the opportunity to move towards the trendy hood model he wanted.

    On the other hand, the prices of integrated kitchens are very variable. In some cases, they provide relatively large savings compared to a separate purchase of the same equipment, but provided that the installation is done by the buyer. Off, in fact, it is mostly operated by cooks which tends to push up the bill.

    Where to buy a kitchen with appliances included?

    There are three main types of sellers to acquire a kitchen with appliances included, namely specialized stores, artisans, or large DIY and furniture stores. The first two usually offer a larger choice but more expensive, in contrast to the latter offering certainly sometimes more interesting prices but they concern only a few standardized models with very limited customization possibilities.

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