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The garden requires all the attention of the gardener even during the winter. It is a period of rest for the plants, certainly, but it is also the ideal season to prepare the arrival of the spring.

Garden maintenance in winter

Garden maintenance in winter

Garden in winter: small maintenance work

The garden is at rest but that does not mean there is nothing to do! The cold and rainy weather does not often allow to work outside but the maintenance of the garden tools of the equipment well sheltered in the shed provides many activities.

Indeed, we must take advantage of this period of calm to refurbish the workbench, shelves, storage, pottery, outdoor furniture or clean and repair tools and machines.

The external elements

Some decorations and outdoor furniture require a good cleaning during the winter. For example, a pool of water must be maintained, especially if it is decorated with fish. If the surface comes to freeze, it is necessary to think of leaving interstices to avoid the bursting of the coating. You can also install an air diffuser or a heating resistance for a better comfort. It is also the perfect time to clean or repaint arbours, tables, chairs and other garden furniture.

And for the green souls, why not make your garden useful during the winter by installing birdhouses and bird food who need a little help at this time.

Take care of plants in winter

Winter is a difficult time for plants, so it's not time to neglect them.

In the first place, trees and shrubs must be shaken and cleared of mounds of snow so that the branches do not break.

A prevention work is recommended to provide protection to the garden. We can add for example mulch on fragile plants or surround the jars with bubble wrap to protect them from freezing. If some species have not withstood the cold well, the good reflex is to cut everything that looks dead or faded, it allows them to resume the arrival of spring. The most fragile plants are moved or sheltered if possible in a greenhouse or shed. And it's time to give a second life to your Christmas tree, in the ground or in pots!

Plan gardening plans for spring

In winter, it's time to immerse yourself in gardening catalogs and gardening and decoration books. The spring and the summer are intense in activities, so you have to take advantage of this quiet period to start planning the changes, the changes to the garden. Doing a schedule of the tasks to be done makes it possible to remember essential elements and not be overwhelmed when the time comes. Make a balance sheet and predict the seeds, Garden maintenance, tools and products in advance makes the job easier.

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