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  • 5. Defoaming and treatment for a roof like new
  • A roof leak is often synonymous with damage that can quickly spread in the home. The renovation of the roof leaking by a professional is then inevitable. However, he must provide his client with a certain number of guarantees and insurance.

    Renovation of a leaking roof

    Renovation of a leaking roof

    Reasons that could lead to roof leakage

    There are many causes that can be responsible for a roof leak:

    • sagging in the roof
    • accumulations of trash in the gutters (branches, humus, leaves, etc.)
    • tile movement (due to difficult weather conditions)
    • cracked roofing material (snow accumulation or freezing)
    • corroded roofing materials (zinc)
    • damaged chimney strain
    • roof window with damaged joints or flashings
    • waterproofing of a faulty roof terrace

    Before undertaking renovations on the leaking roof, the professional identifies the origin of the damage by visiting the attic and the roof.

    The renovation of the leaking roof

    Cleaning the gutters seems the first thing to do when you notice a roof leak. However, as seen previously, the cause of the damage can be quite different and this action will then be insufficient. This is where the professional comes in.

    After having determined the origin of the leak and depending on it, he may have to carry out various renovations:

    • replace unsealed, broken, cracked or corroded tiles
    • change damaged shingles
    • revise the waterproofness of a roof terrace
    • replace or reattach the flashings (sort of joint cover) or the joints themselves
    • review the masonry of the chimney stump

    Renovation of a leaky roof, insurance and guarantees

    Whatever the company chosen to carry out the renovation work on the roof, it owes its client contractual guarantees.

    • The reception visit at the end of the construction site makes it possible to verify the conformity of the repairs
    • The guarantee of perfect completion (Civil Code, Art. 1792.6), all defects being covered for one year
    • The guarantee of equipment (Civil Code, Article 1792.3)
    • The ten-year guarantee (Art 1792, 1792.2 and 2270 of the Civil Code) which covers defects appearing within ten years
    • Damage insurance, compensation to undertake the renovation without waiting for the establishment of responsibilities of the manufacturer.

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